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Fly Fishing Kaulm River Lodge Steelhead

Another Great Week On The Skeena, Andrew Rushton Reports

Fly Fishing Kaulm River Lodge Steelhead and even though there’s been lots of heavy rain, and that the river is very high and coloured there’s been another great weeks fishing on the Skeena, as Andrew Rushton reports from the Kalum River Lodge.

Heavy rain at the beginning of the week meant that the Skeena River has been extremely high and dirty. With these challenging conditions we changed our tactics and looked for areas where fish were moving. This paid off and our guests started to catch a variety of salmon and some Steelhead. After a few days the Skeena started to drop and as the visibility improved so did the fishing with good numbers of fish migrating up the river with the high water.

Our guests Annella Campbell and David Pickering, who travelled a long way especially to fish with us on the Skeena, caught a lot of salmon and some stunning Steelhead. Annella hooked a large Chinook on her first day and said that she had caught her “fish of a lifetime”. Annella also landed some good sized Steelhead. David, who is a fishing guide on the rivers back home, was very impressed with the Skeena fishing. He enjoyed some exciting fights with the Skeena Steelhead and landed some lovely silver fish. They were joined by Kermit Johnson, who landed Sockeye, Coho, Pink salmon and Steelhead.  Here are just a few photos of our guests with some of their super catches.

Now long time guests Troy Adams and Marcus (Whitey) Ervin are back at Kalum River Lodge for another season with their fishing buddy Thomas. These anglers are hoping to catch some large Steelhead again this year.  We will keep you posted!!

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