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Anybody Fancy The Best Sailfishing The World Has To Offer?


Ever fancied catching multiple Sailfish all in one session? Well look no further than the world famous Sailfish fishery in Guatemala, the home to many world records.


Our boat in Guatemala is kitted out with the top of range equipment to target mainly Sailfish and many of them. They will tease them to the back of the boat where you will then get a chance to cast your fly to several lit up Sails and then all that is left to do is hold on as these majestic fish leap around the boat giving you one of the best fights of your life.


“Multiple catches a day are the norm for Guatemala”


We have some very good weeks available with peak tides so if you fancy a trip like this where the fish just seem to line up to be caught then call our office on 01603 407596 and we can put together a package that will fit with you. Remember we can tailor this trip around you




“Steady as she goes” about describes the season at this point.

The bite has been consistent day to day with blue water being

found as close in as 12 miles but more usually 30 or so from the dock.

The boats have been raising double digits and bringing to the boat

7-12 as an average day. There remains a strong Blue Marlin bite,

with multiple raises and sometimes multiple hook-ups occurring with

reasonable frequency.

The Joint Venture fished at 16 miles on Thursday, bringing

9 sailfish to the boat, one Blue of about 250lbs and another of about

400 lbs – they even had a 50lb+ bull dolphin thrown into the mix.

The weather is still great, and the seas remain calm – this is a great time

of the year to come down fishing as just about anything can happen

every day – and often does !

If anything, we are hoping for the bite to get even stronger as we run

through the waning moon – we shall see.


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Thanks Kevin for your report and I can assure you that our friends reading this will be amazed at what you call an average catch…… sounds to me like an awesome weeks fishing.

To view this amazing destination in Guatemala CLICK HERE and you can view lots of pictures, see our suggested itineraries plus a break down of what is included and excluded. If you do have any other questions please do ask


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