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Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013

Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013 August was our final month of winter; the temperature is already climbing and days are getting longer. Normally, August is a really windy month and, following the trend, this one was no exception. We have had a lot of Northern warm winds and Southern cold fronts that cause a significant drop in temperature and make for diverse days of hunting.

The fields we were using in August are all in an area with drives no longer than 30 minutes from the lodges roosts, with wide-open fields and waterholes.

There are plenty of birds everywhere, which make the days really enjoyable. We would start around 9AM until noon having about a two-hour break for lunch only to then start again at around 2:30PM.

It has not rained in this area so if you are planning a trip down here pretty soon, make sure to bring glasses because there are quite windy and dusty days, along with some sun block and insect repellent.

In the coming days, it’ll be getting steadily warmer. Spring is starting and we should be expecting some rain. Its a great time of the year to be here just because its not as warm as it would be in January or February. Without a doubt, your hunts will be accompanied by delightfully warm evenings at the lodges sharing time with your friends.

Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013 of a guy getting ready to shoot
Happy couple out hunting Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013
Shells flying out of the gun Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013
The outside eating area Argentinian Dove Shooting Report 2013

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