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Mexico Fishing Report

August & September Fishing Report Mexico

August & September Fishing Report Mexico A quick report from our fishery manager in Mexico on how August and the first week of September has gone. As you can read there have been some very happy guys out there fishing, catching some very impressive fish. I will let our head guide take it from here and if you wanted to talk to us about this resort please get in touch on 01603 407596:

August 2013

Hola Amigos,

I want to start August’s fishing report by thanking Anibal Alvarez (boat dispatcher at Palmas De Cortez) for all the wonderful photos he took for this August’s report. As you can see from all the great pictures, the East Cape is still catching some big fish. August and September tend to be some of the best months because of the migration patterns that traditionally take place this time of year. The Giant Humboldt Squid have been around now for a few weeks and that is great news for Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna fishing

The Yellowfin Tuna and bull Dorado are still being landed on a daily basis. Some anglers have been lucky enough to land them relatively close to the hotel, while others had to travel close to 40 miles.

 Marlin fishing seems to have dropped off this week, with less than average amounts of billfish being landed. We expect that to turn around now that the squid have been around for some time now. Many captains reported seeing plenty of billfish in the area, but with lots of squid in the area they just didn’t seem to be very hungry.

As great captains do, when one specie drops off they go looking for another to take its place. This week that species was Pargo. We had many reports of Pargo being landed throughout the week and not very far from the hotel. There were also a few yellowtail caught this week, which is very odd for this time of year but we’ll take it.

That’s it for this month amigos.

Hope to see you soon on the East Cape!

September 2013

Hola Amigos,

Fishing has been really steady for the first week of September everyday we are getting good numbers of tuna, mostly footballs with a handful from 60-80#. Marlin and Dorado bite has been really consistent with a few blues being caught every few days. The striped marlin are very aggressive this year and will return to the bait on a missed hook up…great for my clients that want to hook their own marlin.

Dorado are in the 10-40lb range with nice bulls to 50lb coming in everyday. The guys on Mini Hooker baited another swordfish yesterday but no go. Still no sardines, but the squid is in early this year and we are seeing many commercial squid boats off of Buena Vista. What else…weather is really nice for September this year, not too humid. It’s just starting to heat up and get humid right now. Water is 88ish and fish are spread out North and South to lighthouse. All in all a very good summer for fishing so far

Hope to see you soon on the East Cape!

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