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Bair’s Lodge Fishing Report Feb

Bair’s Lodge Fishing Report Feb and the fishing in February on South Andros is a little like the weather…up and down. February is a transition month from winter-type weather patterns to spring-type weather patterns. During February, South Andros will experience alternating days of low winds and bright skies to higher winds and overcast skies. By the end of February we have more nice days than blustery days.

February fishing has similar ups and downs. When the day has low wind and bright skies, the fishing is fabulous. When the winds pick up and clouds move in, the fishing is more difficult.

Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of fish around. The challenge is seeing fish on cloudy days and then there is the difficulty of casting in 20+ mph winds.

There were many nice fish caught in February. One of the best was landed while fishing the west side with Nat Adams.

The best thing about fishing in February on South Andros is that when you find the fish and make a satisfactory cast, the fish are hungry and they eat. Fish on!

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Bair's Lodge Fishing Report Feb

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  1. Peter Collingsworth

    What an amazing blog can not wait to fish there one day

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