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Thailand Fishing Report

Huge Stingray Thailand Fishing Report

Thailand Fishing Report First good catch of the year!

Caught yesterday Jan. 4 at the Bang Pakong river by Anatoly Matveev, one of our old faithful russian clients…..estimated by Kik in the 100 kilos mark though the pics do not do give the catch justice….. as 3 guys only to display such a large flat fish in the water are not enough to make it look the way it really is…

We rarely fish for them stingrays as we do not wish to promote that kind of fishing for various reasons … being for conservation, as the Himantura chaophraya is featured in the red list of the endangered fish species…. another because of the various costs of operation related to such a day fishing making the price in my opinion far too high for a single angler…

But when we do fish for them….and do catch one….you can be assured then that the stingray catch was taken fair and square by the angler, and by the ethics of sport angling….no shameful scam, for both greed and fame, with us….unlike a certain competitor guide service, specialized in stingray fishing which is scamming visiting anglers…..a fact well known here in Thailand by professionals (read Jean-Francois Helias and Stuart Gillham) and from local anglers….no more comments….

That catch ended the life of my personal 50/100 lb Pro Kik custom built rod for stingray fishing…..the rod broke on the angler when it knocked violently the side of the boat (not a good idea as you know)……..I’ve ordered Kik to build 2 new ones for eventual future stingray sessions….

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