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St Brandons Seychelles Fly fishing

Best Flats In The World

Best Flats In The World and we were contacted a little while ago by four anglers who had only one request; they all wanted the best Flats fishing in the world. We instantly recommended St Brandon’s in Mauritius as this is the home to some first class Flats fishing for such species as Huge Bone fish and very hard fighting GT’s and not to forget the Indo-pacific Permits.

We were kindly sent this report from Head Guide on the return of our customers:

After a short stint back in Port Louis to refuel the Gryphon and stock up on supplies, Scot myself and our four new guests began the crossing back to St Brandon’s on the 22nd of Nov. This was to be a momentous trip in itself as our four guests had booked the entire boat for an extended trip of 14 days. Knowing the quality of fishing which was in store Scot and I were drooling at the prospect of looking into some lesser explored areas as well as showing Sir Douglas, Peter and the two Tony’s what the finest fishing in the Indian Ocean was all about. With flat seas forecasted for our crossing we decided to make a slight detour and make a short pass through Sudan Banks, an area renowned for it blue water fishing where we could stock up on some Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado for the table. During this we also managed to hook a 800lb black Marlin which peeled off 700m of 80lb line in about 60 seconds and never looked back!

The clients joining us this week had fished for Bonefish various destinations around the globe, and were quite rightly keen to see what all the fuss about St B’s was about. After we calmly informed them it is the finest Bonefishing on the planet, there were a few wry smiles and chuckles…..obviously they have heard this kind of talk before. They would soon find out we would not make this type of statement lightly!!!! After the first morning of fish we returned to the boat for lunch and it was unanimously agreed by all four guys it was the best they had ever seen and this was only the first day. They were blown away from both the numbers and size of fish that they saw, with one or two of the guys suggesting they had caught bigger and more fish in one morning session then they had caught at other destinations in a week. When I told them that the fishing on the session was average by St Brandon’s standards they were shocked and couldn’t what to get back out on the flats to sample more.

The rest of the week as far as the Bonefish fishing was concerned was consistently good as always, with 8lb fish being the average specimen which came to hand and good numbers of fish between 9lb and 10lb spicing things up. In truth however, I will remember this trip for superb fishing was had for GT’s and Bluefin Trevally which we were blessed to experience. It was some of the best fishing I have ever seen on the atoll with large numbers of both species being present on daily basis. In total we hook ten GT’s in the four days we fished for them, landing 4 of these great fish ranging between 40lb and 60lb. As for the ones that got away, lets just say we broke two fly lines, two fly reels seized and Peter managed to break his thumb on the reel handle when trying to subdue one of these massive fish. Ouch! We also managed to bring over 25 Bluefin between 10lb and 20lb to hand….it was very special. Sadly however there was one species which we did not manage to tame. Permit tails flickering across a flat or ridge continue to haunt me, after 4 of these frustratingly magnificent fish felt the prick of our hooks only to come off in their bid for freedom. From now on I will refer to them by one name and one name only, “The Devil Fish”! But that’s the way it goes and thankfully so. To have it all on one trip would maybe be too much, what else would one look forward to if there wasn’t the one that got away! As for the clients Sir Douglas, Peter and the two Tony’s, they were a real treat to guide. Both Scot and I had a fantastic time out on the flats with them on a trip which I’m sure they will never forget. When asked at the end of the trip what they thought of the fishing Sir Douglas had this to say: “In all my years of fishing this has been the highlight!”, I guess that sums up St Brandon’s. All in all a great week and we still have a few weeks still to go. Bring it on! Cheers Tim Babich (Head Guide)

If you would like to experience the worlds best Flats fishing please feel free to get in touch with us and we can tailor a trip to meet all your needs or you can view this destination Click Here

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