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Fly Fishing Peacock Bass Brazil

An Amazing Week Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass

Fly Fishing Peacock Bass and we have been sent this report from our Head guide in Brazil outlining some of the recent catches of Peacock Bass and by the look of things it’s been a great couple of weeks.

With the weather now starting to change the rivers are rising which in turn brings some fresh fish with it. When the rivers are low the fish are a lot easier to locate but are easier to spook. I will let Head Guide take it from here:

Last week our guests in the Fly-in Floating Cabins were fishing at the Lagoa area in the Xeruini experienced an excellent Peacock Bass Fishing in terms of size with 17,5% above the 8lbs mark and the biggest with over 20lbs.

In the coming weeks we are expecting to host 3 fly-fishing groups that will be experiencing the new private water fly-fishing areas (sanctuaries) that our scouts have been working on in the Xeruini and Jufaris basins. We plan to have these private- water areas earmarked throughout the next seasons and to be fully dedicated to fly-fishing. These sanctuaries will develop an identity based on their own merits Fly Fishing Peacock Bass.

This week, water levels at the Xeruini are on the low side and it is yielding excellent fishing results. This weekend the group at Terra Preta (Xeruini) landed 690 peacocks, meanwhile we have been informed by the camp host that the group at Lagoa (Xeruini) is concentrating in the sizes using bigger lures, thus obtaining 52 peacocks above 8 lbs in 2 ½ days. The Caju area at the Jufaris water level is on the low side but on the Cacobí area is perfect, a bit below the jungle level. No rain this weekend. The biggest peacock for this weekend was 18 lbs. The Itapara river Fly-in Floating cabins are located in mid-level waters that have descended 2,5 inches last weekend, we are expecting no significant rain and water levels should keep improving. Last week´s group finished the week with a 1023 peacock count.

Last week we hosted 38 sport fishermen in our 5 camps. This was an amazing week. Our guests landed a grand total of 8172 peacock bass with excellent weather conditions. The Jufaris yielded the weekly 24lbs record. The fishing boat manned by Larry Henley and his partner Danny passed the 200 daily mark last Thursday at the Xeruini.

A Little report from one of our Customers Fly Fishing Peacock Bass:

I had an awesome time and will surely be coming back. The staff made every effort to please us and was second to none. I was very pleased with our guide and the host. Doka and John went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. I have been on many fishing trips overseas. This one by far is the most memorable! Please thank everyone for me again and let John and Doka know that I will never forget this trip. I’m hopeful that I can return for another try at a 20lb plus in a couple of years.

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