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Bolivia Report 11th August 2018

We have received this report from the guides out in Bolivia, the fishing for Golden dorado is very good at the minute with some great fish being caught


The ninth week of the season was super exiting, even though Gus, Jason, John, and Phil got off to a late start. All flights were delayed one day because of the weather. But after the delay, the weather for the rest of the week was really good, with temperatures around 24°C and a bit colder at night.

The Agua Negra was a little bit off color on the first day, but we were able to catch some medium-sized dorados, and Jason got a nice 19-pound dorado.



Phil, a 25-year-old angler, enjoyed this trip – as it was his first time using a fly rod. It only took a few hours of casting lessons before he started casting very well. The second day he caught a good number of small- and medium-sized dorados, which is perfect for someone learning the technical aspects and the beauty of fly fishing.

The fishing was very good in the tributaries and on the Main Secure all week. There was a lot of action, and we caught a good number of fish between 8 and 17 pounds.




The last day of the week, John and Phil hiked the Agua Negra, and they had an amazing day. They found many feeding frenzies, and Phil hooked a huge dorado that took the fly two meters away from us. Phil also caught his first dorado while sight fishing — a 10-pounder after a really nice cast in the middle of a shallow run.

Ready for more adventures,

The staff of Agua Negra Lodge.


Many thanks for the report guys

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