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Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge 29th – 4th Sept

Not much of the season left, but what a season it has been so far and we have some of the best weeks to come. I for one are watching these reports very closely as I will be hosting the week 2nd Sept to 12th Sept 2017, I still have a few rods left in ANYONE is interested. Just contact me for full details.


August has come and gone, It’s hard to believe that September is here and our season is into its last month for 2016. August fishing was every good,  a little warmer than June and July with mixed bag of conditions but overall it was a great month to be on the river. The last two weeks of August and 1st 2 weeks of September is one of the best times of year for dry fly action. This year so far its been no different, August gave us some of the best dry fly fishing of the season, water temperatures were perfect and our  pools were producing very well.

“We are now into the first week of September and most of our pools are full of salmon, both older ones and fresh fall run fish.”

We had an excellent week at both our lodges with plenty of salmon landed and many others lost and missed. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia are beginning to get their first run of fall salmon. The Grand Cascapedia is also in great shape and fishing has been well.  The weather man is calling for a bit of rain on Monday and Tuesday and the warming up for the rest of the week. Warn weather means we,ll not be putting our dry fly’s away just yet.


Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Stephen lands this nice one on the Grand Cascapedia, Nice salmon Stephen!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Fishing buddies Bill (left) and Paul on the Bonaventure, Congratulations Bill!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Don with his first Atlantic salmon, Congratulations Don!

September is by far my favorite time of the season, water temperatures are usually perfect and we always receive just the right amount of rain the keep the rivers levels perfect.  Our pools are loaded with salmon at this time of the season and our bright fall run of bright fish are coming in.

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Brian lands a nice one on the Petite Cascapedia, this was just one of many for Brian last week!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Michael with a nice one on Big Eddy Pool, congatulatiopns Mike!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Gregory landed a number of find salmon last week, here’s a nice one from the Petite Cascapedia. nice salmon Gregory!

 The September fly choice is different from any other time of the season. The Red Francis is always the fly of choice this time of the year and this year’s no different. Along with the Red Francis the Alley Shrimp and GP are also favourites this time of year.  As long as our water temperatures stay in the 50’s dry fly’s work very well. As always, Green, Brown and Blue are the hot ones.

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Kerry landed this one on Poirier Pool of the Bonaventure. Nice one Kerry!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Salmon Lodge guide Yvan Bernard (left) and angler Stephen with a big Grand Cascapedia Salmon. Congratulations Stephen!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Mike also caught the smallest fish ever landed at Camp Bonaventure! breaking the record held by none other than Stan Bogdan for many years. 

I bet I get a smaller one than this next season

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Connor landed this nice salmon on the Bonaventure, Congratulations Connor!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Its hard to keep secrets on what’s working in the dry fly department!

Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report

Now this is how to relax! on the Grand Cascapedia! Who wants to join me in 2017?

If you are interested in joining us next season, I still have a couple of prime dates available at both Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge for the 2017 season.

Fishing at both these lodges for Atlantic Salmon is amazing, we have a very very special trip planned for 2017, where we will fish both lodges and all the rivers over a 6 days fishing period.

Check out our hosted week in 2017 CLICK HERE and we look forward in you joining us on the river bank.

In general 2017 is filling up very quickly, we still have a couple of openings here and there on other weeks.

If you would like to fish at Camp Bonaventure or Salmon Lodge next season, now is the time to contact us.

Best Regards


Peter Collingsworth
Owner Sportquest Holidays

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