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Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge Report 1st to 7th Aug


Its not long now before my first hosted trip to both these lodges which is in just over 12 months time and I am already getting very excited. Reading these reports and looking at all the pictures (More than we can show each week) is really keeping the imagination flowing. I hope you enjoy this weeks river report and remember if you wish to join us in 2017 on one of our weeks feel free to call me personally.


We had another good week of fishing at both lodges and decent numbers of fish in the book despite the very hot temperature. The weather warmed up considerably on Tuesday and the last few days have been hot and sunny with temperatures in the 30 degree range and very humid, not the best fishing conditions to say the least. Granted, we did manage to do very well, however more challenging on hot and sunny days. Mornings and evenings are the time to fish when it gets hot.

“The conditions this past week have given us more of a challenge but we’re still catching them!”

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Jay Grinney lands his first Atlantic Salmon of 2016, nice fish Jay!

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Janet Carpenter with a nice Bonaventure girls, Congratulations Janet!

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Bill with a sliver Bonaventure salmon, congratulations Bill.

The Bonaventure continues to produce well and the water temperatures are still pretty cool despite the hot weather.  The Bonaventure received a small bump in water and the flow is above normal for this time of the season at about 30 cubic meters per second. We had a good week on the Petite Cascapedia as well, our guides are seeing plenty of fresh salmon in almost all the pools and fishing is good. The Petite is a bit on the low side but holding its own. The Grand is also doing well but we could use a couple of rainy days to bump up the water levels.  Considering the weather we had another great week on the Grand Cascapedia.

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Patrice, Christine’s husband, with his first of 2016 on the Grand Cascapedia. Nice salmon Pat but your wife’s is bigger!!!

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Christine with her first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Christine!

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Nothing like getting up close and personal

The hot fly’s for the week have been a mixture of dry’s and small wets. Green, Blue and Dark Brown Bombers were responsible for most of the catches.  In the wet fly department, the John Olin, Green Butt and Silver Rat did the job, the Green Machine is catching up pretty quickly as one of the best fly’s. The John Olin and Green machine were the winners on the Petite. The sizes that are working best are number 8’s 10’s and 12’s.


Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

David took this fine salmon on the Gand Cascapedia , nice one David!

Bonaventure Salmon Lodge Report Aug

Bill with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Bill!

The weather man shows a bit a rain early next week and temperatures will be cooling down . Maybe this hot weather will produce a thunder storm or two, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Fishing at both these lodges for Atlantic Salmon is amazing, I have a very very special trip planned for 2017, where we will fish both lodges and all the rivers over a 6 days fishing period.

Check out my hosted week in 2017 CLICK HERE and I look forward in you joining me on the river bank.


Peter Collingsworth
Managing Director Sportquest Holidays

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