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Guinea Bissau Fishing destination

New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

New Destination Guinea Bissau Report Guinea Bissau has been in the press and talked about on lots of fishing forums for some time now and we have been keeping a close eye on it so oncewe had a fair few customers ask if we went there, we thought it was time to investigate.  We have been working hard over the last couple of months to finalise it and we are now proud to bring you this stunning little private resort offering either single anglers or small groups the chance to be right in the middle of some the best fishing grounds.  We also have looked to offer somewhere that is ideal for couples and once you have seen the beautiful pictures of this stunning Island you would not think twice about taking your non-fishing partner.

New Destination Guinea Bissau Report Of the deserted beaches

At the resort there are four private style villas benefiting from a freshwater swimming pool and a well stocked bar. Each room has 2 twin beds and comes with air-conditioning. The restaurant on site serves very good local and western foods cooked by their chef. There is also a jeep for clients to use to investigate the Island and if you fancy being a little more energetic then there are mountain bikes for you to hire so you can explore the untouched beaches of this most stunning Island.New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

Our accommodation at New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

The reason why the fishing is just so good around the Islands is the fact that there are 80 Islands all very close to each other making for some great reefs for all the small fish to hide and breed and where you find lots of small fish then you will always find the predators hunting these shallow waters

Such quiet beaches New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

The IGFA all tackle World record Tarpon was caught from the waters around Guinea Bissau at a massive 286lb’s 9oz so if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite have a look at all the other species one can expect to catch:

Great Barracuda, 32Kg

Red snapper, 15Kg

Jack Crevalle, 23kg

African Pompano, 14Kg

Jack Trevally,

Jack Fisherii or Black jack,

Ladyfish ,  5Kg


Cerro & Spanish Mackerel,  6Kg

Cobia ( for me this fish is more strong to catch than tarpon ) 45Kg

Common Stingray 120kg

Tiger Shark 550Kg

Hammerhead Shark 420kg

Bull Shark 280kg

Nurse Shark 120kg

What a huge list of different species. All these can be caught on a wide range of fishing styles from jigging to popper fishing to bait fishing.

So if you have ever wanted to spend your holiday in stunning surroundings, having your very own little piece of paradise whilst catching so many different species and at a very good price, look no further Guinea Bissau is for you

To view the full details simply follow the LINK which will take you to this destination and if you would like to talk to us about this or any other tours please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1603 407596


Paul Stevens

Destination Manager

Hippos relaxing in the sun New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

The boats we are using are the best New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

Bent to a huge fish New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

A man with a huge Cobia New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

New Destination Guinea Bissau Report of loads of different fish

The snappers are big New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

Barracuda New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

Bright red snapper New Destination Guinea Bissau Report

New Destination Guinea Bissau Report of a huge Hammer head shark

Sunset over New Destination Guinea Bissau Report


  1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    There are so many different species to catch that you would need a life time to achieve all of them. if you decide to go make sure you have a go for the huge sharks around these Islands



  2. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

    A great new destination at a price that everyone can afford. This inbound to get loads of interest

  3. Paul Stevens Sportquest


    Perhaps we should put on a Hosted trip there? what does everyone think?

    Leave your comments if you are interested in joining us



  4. Peter Spice

    Wow!!!!, what a fantastic place, I’ll have to put that on my bucket for sure.

  5. Paul Bowling

    Looks fab might have to give this a try 🙂

    1. Mark Gowler

      HI MARK I am up for a trip if you are. I am looking for someone to share a trip with

      1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

        Hi Mark

        Funny you say that, we have had lots of interest in this destination. We also do have some one on a list who is all a single angler and is very keen on getting a trip booked up. Did you want me to point him your way?

        Let me know what you think i can pass you his details

        Speak soon


    2. Peter Spice

      I’m available.

      1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

        Hell Mr Spice you will never be back in England 🙂

        1. Peter Spice

          That’s the plan. A perfect retirement.

        2. Mathew Rickard

          I think we should Paul,


        3. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

          Don’t forget me 🙁

        4. Mathew Rickard

          We won’t, or will we paul?

        5. Paul Stevens Sportquest

          I think we should. he goes to enough special places 🙂

        6. Paul Stevens Sportquest

          Peter, your bucket list is growing very large now

          Soon be time to knock these tours off the list


        7. Paul Stevens Sportquest

          Paul, you will not be disappointed it is an awesome set up with some great new boats. One for the list


        8. Paul Stevens Sportquest

          I think a group trip maybe needed????

          I will work on Peter

        9. Mathew Rickard

          He can come bass fishing with me instead

  6. Mathew Rickard

    A truly awesome place with plenty of big fish. This one is not to be missed.


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