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Canada Fishing Report

St Lawrence Carp In Canada Fishing Report

Canada Fishing Report and We’ve just added another brand new tour online! This time it’s an exiciting new Carp Fishing Lodge in Canada. Fishing the mighty St.Lawerence river for hard fighting muscular Common Carp from both bank and boat. This looks set to another sure fire winner. Find out more information…

‘Whats the biggest catch of carp in only one day on the river…? Well in 2011 two customers landed 96 carp in only 10 hours…and lost 15 carp! 1-40lb, 6-30lb+ and 52-20lb+, not bad for a days fishing…’

We know that the most important factor in fishing the St. Lawrence river is not overcrowding an area or whether you have one or two lines in the water, it’s all about being in the right location at the right time & baiting an area. This is why choosing a company who’s guide has over 35 years of carp fishing history which includes over 22 years of carp fishing experience on the mighty St. Lawrence River will ensure you have the most productive and enjoyable carp fishing holiday available on the St. Lawrence River.

Some of the best carp anglers in the world have the lodge on the river, this includes the likes of Chris Ball, Steve Briggs, Kevin Clifford, Simon Crow, Derrick Richie and Brain Skoyles. We know we have the best carp fishing anywhere on the St. Lawrence River and we will put you in touch with some of the world’s hardest fighting carp, Imagine the excitement as a wild long common 30lb+ carp hearing the prolonged scream as the 65 pound test quickly disappears from the spool. The mighty St. Lawrence river system provides a world class carp fishing second to none. We offer main river carp fishing where most companies don’t!

We are the only carping holiday destination located directly on river frontage and is situated in a prime carp fishing location on the St. Lawrence River. You are in the midst of the river at this venue and only a few paces away from comfortable private swims & our boat launch! We know that anglers who are in search of the absolute best in carp fishing also deserve the best in accommodation & service.

To view the full tour details and to find out all the information Click Here

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  1. Betts

    I can’t believe the size of those fish! Pretty incredible. Looks brilliant.

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