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Canada Fishing Report

Breaking News In Canada Fishing Report

Canada Fishing Report BREAKING NEWS……….Just received some almost live pictures of our group that are fishing the Fraser River in Canada and doing battle with the very hard fighting Sturgeon. The biggest has fallen to our very good customer, Peter Spice. He also mentioned that it took him an impressive 2hrs and 15mins to land this beast and once in shallow water they measured this great fish and it went 8ft 4ins and it had a massive 40inch girth and weighed 350lbs. You will see from the pictures below that Peter really had his hands full with this fish. A great big well done is sent to Peter. This group of anglers are very experienced anglers and just seem to do very well where ever they fish in the world and we did not think that this trip would be an exception. Canada Fishing Report

Also would like to mention that, Father and Son and good friend Paul Quenet and Jacob have also been doing battle with some great looking fish and we all in the office hope that Jacob catches a bigger fish than his Dad… as he has on other trips with us in such places as Norway and Thailand.

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