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Atlantic salmon fishing camp bonventure

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report September

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report September is by far my favorite time of the season, water temperatures are perfect and we always receive just the right amount of rain to keep the rivers levels perfect. Our pools are loaded with salmon at this time of the season and the fall runs of bright fish are coming in strong.

Our rivers are in perfect condition, the Grand Cascapedia is fishing very well, and we just had a simply wonderful week, especially for big fish. The Petite Cascapedia is in great shape and the fishing has been Great, everybody we had on the Petite this week caught fish. The Bonaventure is on fire with plenty of fish in all our pools.

With good water temperatures in the 50’s dry flies in green, brown and blue have been working well. Traditional methods with flies like the Red Francis, which is a favorite fly of choice this time of the year along with the the Alley Shrimp which has produced the biggest fish of the week.

To give you some idea on the standard of fishing this magical week we have had a total of 63 fish landed with nearly and equal amount lost. Lots of the fish have been in 12 to 25lb class with a handful of larger fish, the best fish for the week went 43.5lb and what a cracking fish it was caught from the Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report September Grand Cascapedia.

43.5lb Atlantic Salmon from Camp Bonaventure Canada Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report September
 Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report September Hosted Salmon fishing in British Columbia

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