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camp bonaventure fishing reports

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Reports

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Reports and the last week of July has been no doubt the toughest week of the season. Hot and sunny weather combined with falling water conditions are making the fishing more difficult. The rain we received last week certainly helped but we would surely welcome a shower or two in the coming days. Granted we are experiencing July conditions, we still managed to take a good number of nice fish this past week. We are still catching fish but having to work a little harder.

The Bonaventurte has plenty of water thanks to a good rain last week, The Petite Cascapedia is still holding its own. The Grand Cascapedia, especially the branches could use a good downpour.

This past week was in no doubt the warmest week of the summer so far. Temperatures were in the high 80’s all week and combined with high humidity, it’s been a tough week to be on the river. Fishing on the other hand was excellent and this had all our guides scratching their heads. Normally with these weather conditions fishing can be a challenge but for some reason the fish didn’t seem to care. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia are in good shape with plenty of water. The Grand Cascapedia is getting low and could use some water.
Writing this latest weekly report, the sound of heavy rain beating off the roof is sure a welcome sound. After almost three weeks of hot and sunny weather we are finally getting the rain we need. Granted the weather has been horrible for fishing, we have not had a bad couple of weeks. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia are still in good condition both for water levels and temperature. The Grand Cascapedia however was getting low and a bit warm as well. The Grand should really profit from the rain.
The weatherman has been kind to us this week. We received rain every day and the rivers are in fantastic condition for this time of the season. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia have been rising slowly for the past few days and we have June water conditions at the moment, just perfect. The Grand Cascapedia received good amounts of rain as well; water levels are great however a bit stained at the moment. Once it clears up, hang on! We did very well this past week, granted fishing is a bit more challenging on rising water. A good number of nice salmon were landed along with plenty of grilse. Higher and cooler water conditions combined with big tides should be bringing a run of fish in this weekend and next week.
Another great week to be on the river! The rain we received is keeping our water cool and in good shape and we are above the average levels for this time of the season. The high tides brought a nice run of fresh salmon and grilse and fishing has been good. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia are running clear and cool, the Grand Cascapedia is holding its own and fishing very well for August. The weatherman is calling for hot weather on Sunday and Monday but cooling down by mid week. At this time of year our water temperatures are generally good because of cooler nights in the hills. lets hope so a little rain this week and another run of fresh silver bullets.
The last week of August brought us a mixed bag, hot at the beginning, rain in the middle and cooler weather at the end. The fishing has been on the same track, some days are great while others were a little slower. We did however manage to have a good week on the rivers with a good number of salmon landed including some nice fresh silver bullets! The weatherman again is calling for warmer temperatures and a little rain by mid week.
September is a great time to be on our rivers, it brings cooler water, usually some rain and defiantly a nice run of fresh fish. The first week of September hasn’t disappointed us in the least, we had some great fishing over the past week and managed to land a number of nice salmon including a couple of BIG ones as well. The full moon last week started our fall run of fish; we should be in for a great month. Temperatures are in the 20 to 24 degree range and dry fly fishing is still hot.

We have a new Atlantic salmon fisherman with his first Salmon. Ten year old Ben Goldthwaite. Caught on the Bonaventure River at Slocum Pool with a Silver Rat, guided by Bruno Lepage. Congratulations Ben!

Most of our fish have been caught on dry’s. Bombers are still the choice pattern especially Green, Brown and fall orange. Tubes and wets were also responsible for a good number of fine fish as well. The Silver Rat was the wet fly of the week, the green Machine and Stone Ghost still held their own.
September fishing at its best! Perfect water conditions combined with a nice fresh run of fall salmon, who could ask for more. Excellent fishing continued through the second week of September. We are seeing good numbers of fall run salmon in all our lower pools. At this time of the season we also have salmon beginning to move down river as well. They have run to the top of the river in the early season and now are heading down river to their spawning pools. When they arrive in a new pool the jockey for position and become more aggressive and very willing to take a fly. The forecast is calling for rain by the middle of next week; a little bump of water will only make things better. As I’m writing this weekly report the Grand Cascapedia is on the rise from thunderstorms last night. Should be a great week on the Grand.
Bookings are now coming in thick and fast; we have some great rods still open so be quick and get on some great weeks for the best Atlantic Salmon fishing Canada has to offer.
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