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Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th

Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th

Another week and another lot of happy customers, it is amazing to think we are now half way through the season. It has been difficult fishing conditions due to lack of water, however this has not stoped the salmon form putting in a good show. So not a record year so far but certainly not one to complain about.



Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th

Martin does it again on his last day, Nice one Martin!


Water levels on the Bonaventure are low and flowing at 13 cubic meters per second, normal would be in the 18 to 20 range for this time the season. Cooler overall weather is keeping the the Bonaventure in the 50 to 55 degree range. Fishing on the Bony has been productive since the beginning of June and continues to produce good numbers of fish every day.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th

Steve with a nice one from the gin clear Bonaventure, congratulations Steve!


The Petite Cascapedia is flowing at 17 and fishing very well. The Petite received a nice run of fresh salmon during last weeks high tides . Most pools on the Petite are holding fish and water temperature are in the low to mid 50’s.


Fishing on the Grand Cascapedia is beginning to slow down a bit due to low water conditions. Like the Bony and Petite there are plenty of salmon but we sure need a day or two of rain.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th


Camp Bonaventure regular Jean with his first one of the season, nice salmon Jean, see you next year.


Flies of choice are a mixed bag, wets, dry’s and small tubes are all working well. Free floating dry’s have been responsible for most of the catches this week. Forest Green, Dark Brown and Blue Bombers in sizes 2, 4 and 6 are working the best. In the wet fly department, the Silver Rat, Undertaker, Blue Charm, Nagli and Green Machine have been doing very well. Wet fly sizes in 6.,8 and 10 are the best choice. Medium and small tubes in various patterns are also a good choice.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River July 24th to 30th
Our water may be low, but the opportunities are there for the taking. A few big ones holding tight to the ledge.

The weatherman is calling for a mixed bag for the upcoming week, with temperatures in the 70 degree range, rain towards the end of the week, lets hope!

I hope you enjoy our weekly little river and fishing reports, so keep checking once a week for all the updates.

If you would like to join us in 2018 Click Here to see the full trip details.

Until next week

Kind Regards Peter

PS it is ONLY 5 weeks before I will be there hosting trips and I can not wait, everything is looking like the fish are running late so it means there are going to be huge runs of fresh fish when we arrive. Lucky boys ?

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