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Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June 26th to July 2nd

Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June 26th to July 2nd

Last weeks was another week that was dominated by the weather, it controlled each and every fishing day, some days were rainy and cool while others were warmer and sunny. These combinations have various effects on both the fish and the fishing. However as the week also was a one with both high tides associated with the full moon it brought in a nice run of salmon. This year however compared to all our previous years it seems the Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia are about two weeks behind schedule this season but the Grand seem to right on schedule.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June July


Frederic lands his first salmon of the season, Congratulations Frederic!


Our lower pools are in good condition and holding fresh salmon, water conditions on the Bonaventure and Petite all our rivers are a little lower than normal for this time of the year. We’d like to see a couple of rainy days to freshen thing up a bit.


“Even though the fish seem to be running 2 weeks late our customers are still managing some excellent salmon”


The Bonaventure’s flowing at 20 cubic meters per second with water temperatures in the 50 degree range. The Petite Cascapedia is flowing at 18 and fishing very well. The Petite received a nice run of fresh salmon during last weeks high tides . Most pools on the Petite are holding fish and water temperature are in the low 50’s.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June July


Raphael Vezina (right) and guide John Law with a fine Petite Cascapedua salmon, Nice one Raphael!


Fishing on the Grand Cascapedia continues the been excellent, the flow rate is at 33, right where it should be at this time of year. Like the Bony and the Petite water temperatures are perfect on the Grand Cascapedia.


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June July


Suzie Moore has been part of Camp Bonaventure since day one! here she is again with another fins salmon. Welcome home Suzie!


Camp Bonaventure Fishing & River Report June July


Tim Johnston lands this fine salmon on Billingsley pool just above the camp, Nice one Tim!


The ammunition of choice this week were bombers, especially the Green , Blue and Dark Brown patterns. Wets also did very well , the top wet fly’s for the week were the John Olin, Silver Rat and Green Machine.

I hope you enjoy our weekly little river and fishing reports, so keep checking once a week for all the updates.

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Until next week

Kind Regards Peter

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