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Huge Skrei Cod fishing report norway

Live Fishing Report Norway Hosted Soroya

Fishing Report Norway, Sørøya does it again, yes our good friend Carsten has managed to bag another 30+ kilo cod. What makes this even more remarkable is that for Carsten this is now his 7th fish over the magical 30-kilo mark. His friend Erik is not far behind boating fish to 29 kilos.

The biggest Soroya Cod fishing report norway

Even though the fishing conditions have been tough due to strong winds, large waves and freezing fingers etc, however anglers prepared to ride out the conditions are reaping the rewards.

That Cod is massive fishing report norway from Soroya

Our very own Paul Stevens was guiding one of the boats and was in search of fish in some calmer waters. Paul managed to find huge shoals of cod inside the much calmer fjord. Paul gave out a call to all the all the other boats and it was not long before everyone was slamming into lots of cod in the 17 to 19 kilo range and you will see from this little Fishing Report Norway that they are getting amongst lots of fish

David with his biggest Skrei Cod fishing report norway in March

Then all of a sudden bang one of the rods hoops over and the angler has a real battle on his hands. Up pops another monster cod looking very close to the magical 30 Kilo mark. Alas it only managed to pull the scales around to 28 Kilos. But at 28 Kilos who is worried and for our customer it still leaves him with the dream of a magical 30-kilo fish.

Man holding a huge Soroya Cod fishing report norway place of dreams

It is easy to have high expectations when customers come to Sørøya, with all its big fish! A cod over 20 kg is a big cod! And the chance to get one over 30 kg is probably the most excited sea anglers ever get with a rod in their hand. But one should remember that it is not easy to get such a dream fish of this size and the majority of sea anglers in the UK still only dare dream of a 15 Kilo Cod and looking at this Fishing Report Norway they will soon find themselves picking the phone up to book.

He looks very cold holding his Cod fishing report norway

Keep watching as we update you each week throughout the season.

The fishing report norway was a great one

Regards Peter Collingsworth

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  1. Helen Talbot

    Sportquest holidays, you made a dream come true for my husband Tom at this Soroya trip. He will be a happy man for many year to come and worth the sacrifice of not having him home for the duration.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      It is our pleasure and so nice to hear customers returning home with aching arms and many fishy stories. We will be talking Tom once he has settled back home and we also look forward in receiving his customer feedback form.

      Regards Peter

  2. John Bailey

    Ive just returned from Soroya, all i can say it was fantastic!! Apart from freezing cold hands.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Hi John it sure is an amazing place and yes agree with you in relation to cold hands. You need plenty of spare gloves for each day. But as you said the fishing far outweighs any cold fingers 🙂

      Hope to see you again soon

      Regards Peter

  3. Tom Talbot

    I’ve been back for nearly two weeks now and haven’t stopped smiling. It’s hard to get excited about a 3lb codling from my local beach with memories of our trip so fresh. This was the trip of a lifetime….I wonder how many lifetimes a man is allowed to have?

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