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Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report

Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report August was our final month of winter and temperatures are already climbing and days are getting longer. Normally, August is a blustery month and, following that trend, this one was no exception. We’ve experienced warm winds from the north and cold fronts streaming in from the south that caused a significant drop in temperature and made for diverse days of hunting.

Most of the fields we targeted in August were relatively close to local roosts, with wide-open landscapes and attractive waterholes. And we found prolific numbers of birds, which made for enjoyable days. It hasn’t rained as of late; so if you’re planning a trip in the near future, bring glasses to safeguard your eyes from sun and dust. Also, don’t forget sunscreen!

In the coming days, we expect the warming trend to continue. Spring is starting and we should be seeing some rain in the forecast, as well. Without a doubt, your hunts will be accompanied by delightfully warm evenings at the lodges, sharing time with your friends.

Hope to see you around soon! Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report

Pica Zuro Lodge Head Guide

Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report of our stunning lodge
Three guys taking aim at Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report
A huge flock of Doves Cordoba Argentina Dove Shooting Report

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