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Costa Rica Fishing Report

Costa Rica Magic Fishing Report

Costa Rica Magic Fishing Report Just received this lovely report from a family that has just visited our Eco resort in Costa Rica, Crocodile Bay.
After many miles and several flights the happy family arrived to a very warm welcome from the staff at Crocodile Bay and a very refreshing cocktail was handed to them on arrival (a very needed tall ice cold cocktail)
Once shown to their rooms and all unpacked they thought they should get an early night as the fishing started at first light the very next day.
With all the excitement none of us got much sleep….. so breakfast out the way and it was down to the boat dock to meet our Captain for the days fishing.
Now these guys really know what they are doing and it was amazing to watch how efficient they worked together. With the fishing mark found it was out with the lures ready for, hopefully our first Marlin, and the fishing had begun.
We didn’t have to wait long before one of the middle rods pinged out of the rigger and the fight was on! My lovely wife insisted I had the first take so up I jumped and a rod was passed to me with a very angry Marlin trying its hardest to chuck the hook, but after nearly 2hours of one of the best fights of my life it was beside the boat ready to be unhooked and released.
Could this holiday get any better!! The simple answer is YES. The following day we decided to target some other species to see what Costa Rica could offer us. Armed with lighter rods we targeted Rooster fish. Now Peter at Sportquest Holidays had mentioned we should spend at least one day targeting these and I have to say a big thank you to him for suggesting this as boy do they pull back.
We had several Roosters, topped by a huge one for my son which after the fight was over, he couldn’t remove the smile from his face in fact that night he fell asleep still grinning.
One days fishing left and we were all hoping to go out with a bang and yet again the skipper didn’t let us down. My partner managed to catch her very first Marlin which she nearly gave up on but managed after nearly 2.5 hours to beat the fish. As you can see by the pictures she was more than pleased.
I think you will be able to tell that we had a great time and would just like to thank every body in the office of Sportquest Holidays for making this a trip of a life time and we will be seeing you again next year.
If you would like to experience what Costa Rica has to offer please give a member of our staff a call and we can tailor a trip to suit all your requirements.
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