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Curious Whales And Big Halibut


The guides took the boats out recently at the destination of Vesteralen and managed to not only find some nice halibut they also had some new friends join them beside the boat. Read the latest report below.


The days after the storm have been tough for the guests here in Vesterålen. The fishing places that usually fish have not done so, so we have searched for new places further north and east and managed better.


On Sunday, three boats rode East and the other three boats North in search of cod and halibut. The boats that ruled east began fishing by a fine steep hill. On the edge there was baitfish everywhere and we knew that the cods were not far from them. It did not take long before it hit and it became a cod race with fine cods up to 10kg but when Sven in boat two got a bite it took a cross! The first thought was that there was a halibut on the hook, but it did not pull out any line, it was heavier and firmly pushed at the other end of the line. When he started to get it in, they realized that there must be a big cod and so right they had. A fine 18kg cod broke the surface and they got it smoothly in the boat. The other boats North had also been good. It had had good cod fishing and had also found great fun on a couple of new marks further North.



On Sunday evening after all the boats were in port we started to plan a long trip and the day after that looked good with both wind and weather. When the clock hit at 23.00 we set full speed westward towards the long run, we saw something that broke the water surface. There was a bunch of at least 15 whales who were curious about what was happening on the surface. They were very social this time and began to swim under the boat and played with each other just a few yards from the boat! When we had nice pictures and the fishing the hustle began to take over, we felt satisfied with the show and started to drive slowly out but they did not want to let us go, but spent a good time out at sea before we became too bored and chose to go back towards the land.


Once in place after a long trip, we did not have to search any bait fish directly because it was a little cool on every peak we came to. We dropped down and started fishing. Marcus in Boat 1 noticed that the water was moving much faster than usual, and it was difficult to get bottom contact, which is an important factor if the cod are on the bottom feeding. The sea out there was very messy with tide from different directions and the wind from another which made it even harder.



Boat 4 found a nice plaice of 44cm and set itself up for a drift. They had a very nice drift over the grove and it did not take long before they got results. The spade bowed over and the roller began to scream, there was a lot on the hook. Up comes a nice food halibut that will come home. They left the operation and then it was time again! But this time it was Kenneth’s turn to feel the power of a halibut. It went down to the bottom and Kenneth felt it was one of the better sizes. After a couple of rides to the bottom he could get it to the boat and secure it! The halibut measured 135cm and they were quick to shoot before it was time to redo the drift again! And it did not end there but would be a third time! Again, it took a cross in the groove and this time it was Lars who had to keep tight on the trail. Everybody in the boat was very surprised that there was a third halibut on the way up to the boat! Once up at the boat they saw that it was a nice food flatter so that it had to go home. Three drifts and three halibut, Very well done boat 4!


Summary of the day, cod was very slow with only a few fishes up to 15kg and the largest of 18kg, but despite this we go back with a pair of sneaky cod and even a few halibut in the luggage!


Thanks for the report Marcus

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