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Halibut fishing in Norway

Day 5 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Halibut today! That was the plan and that is what happened! It was a leisurely start today, no five o clock in the morning, but up and about for seven and on the boat by eight. The plan was to head out to some favorite Halibut grounds and drift with Shads and fresh dead baits to see if we could snare a couple, three boats headed to the spots and started the first drift of the Norway Fishing Report.

After around an hour of this Norway Fishing Report at the first mark it was very quiet, with none of the boats landing anything to talk about, so we all talked and agreed to move out and try the next one. A short steam later to some nice shallow water near a light house, we found some clean, sandy ground and started the first drift. After around an hour or so the first Halibut of the day came to boat three, with Andrew landing one around ten pound (rough guess!), on his colourful rubber shad. Soon after the second Halibut of this Norway Fishing Report came to boat two with Peter Kettringham landing a nice fish around 16lb on his Herring dead bait. Then once again, perhaps another hour or so later, Peters boat, boat two, landed their second Halibut of the day, another nice fish around a similar size to the first.

After a flurry of three fish, there was another couple of fish lost on the drifted dead baits before it all went quiet, once again a move was in order, so we headed to another mark well known for Halibuts, some nice shallow ground under a road bridge for the next part of this Norway Fishing Report. Now this area is hit and miss… and unfortunately today it was miss… With our boat and boat three both hooking and losing big fish, gutted I think is the word! We carried on fishing till around tea time landing a few Cod and Bromse, but no more Halibut came our way.

Once back home the other boats returned, they too had also had mixed fortunes, but all of them managed to get amongst a few fish of some sort. We finished off the day with a nice Sauna, relaxing our aching muscles, not aching with the amount of fish, but with the effort put in! All of us fished hard today, jigging a shad for nearly eight solid hours does take it out of you! Its been hard this week but we’ll keep trying…

Anyway I better go my Hunters chicken meal and chips is now ready!

Tight Lines, Cheers Paul

Late Norway Fishing Report… While we were tucked up in the warm enjoying our grub one of the other boats went out for a session in the last few hours of daylight and enjoyed some great sport, with some nice Cod and some Coalfish up to 19lb! Perhaps that might be part of the plan tomorrow…

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