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Fishing Report Norway

Day 5 Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway The start of today didn’t look great and it was 50/50 if we were going to be able to get out and fish, fortunately we did and we managed a few good fish too!

In this part of the Fishing Report Norway we all woke around at eight o clock, and after bacon sandwiches and strong coffee we were all twitching to get out and get amongst the fish, however with the weather not playing ball we had to postpone the fishing for a few hours. At least this enabled us to walk down the shops and top up on supplies and write a little piece of this Fishing Report Norway. When we returned, at around 12.00 we were greeted with some great news, the Norwegian guides gave us the green light to get out there and have a go. It was all hands on deck as we all got ready, packed lunches and dressed up in our suits, even though the weather was safe, it still wasn’t perfect so we opted to fish relatively close to the land.

We started our first drift of this Fishing Report Norway about 12.45, and with a few small pockets of fish showing on the finder we were soon bringing some nice Cod to the boat, I think we all landed fish to 20lb, with Albert Lennox landing the biggest, with a nice one fish over 30lb.

With the weather slowing getting better and sea state easing, talk on the radio was we would head out further and see if we could get amongst some of the shoals we had encountered on the first day. After a 15 minute steam we were on the same grounds as yesterdays Fishing Report Norway and once again the fish finder was alive with Cod! I think all the boats were into fish, with fish on our boat to low 30’s, plus plenty of fish in the 15-25lb bracket it was superb! Even though fishing was great on our boat, talk came over the radio that one of our guys had landed a fantastic fish, a true fish of a lifetime. The lucky angler was Mark who landed a stunning 29.25kg fish, which equates to around 64lb! There was also talk on the other boats that Mike was enjoying a red letter day, as the day came to a close he had landed a brace of fish over 25kg! Fishing just 12metres below the surface!

As everyone arrived back at the harbour there were smiles all around, as our group had landed a fantastic amount of fish, with 2 fish over 50lb and one fish over 60lb, unbelievable sport and truly memorable experience seeing Cod of such size for this Fishing Report Norway.

To top off another perfect day the small friendly restaurant on site offered a fantastic spread of all you can eat Tacos! Washed down with a couple of beers, and plenty of fishing banter between fishermen all round Europe, all we can say is bring on tomorrow…. Soroya rules!

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Until next time, tight lines



  1. Lisa

    Hey Bruv! This was supposed to be Dads big fishing trip. If you keep out fishing him he will push you overboard. Anyway, even my puppies can’t eat that much fish.

  2. jc

    Cant believe that cod can be be that big!Just think how many fish suppers they would provide.Well done lads,photos are amazing.

  3. sebba

    massive cod brilliant

  4. ANON

    Two things I shall remember about my trip to Soroya Catching the biggest fish of my life and Albert. Once met never forgotten.

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