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Cracking action shot from Norway

Day 4 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report well for some of us, including me, today didn’t start as early as planned! It was a little bit of a heavy night last night, celebrating yesterday’s good fishing with good food, vodka and some Pink Floyd which made it very hard to write my Norway Fishing Report! I suppose we eventually came round and had breakfast at around ten o clock, taking a look across the fjord we were greeted with different conditions, from the previous days, there was a strong easterly wind blowing from right to left, the whole length of the fjord. Now the conditions were fishable and some of the boats went out, but we decided to leave it a few hours, rest up, visit the shop for some more supplies and sort our tackle out and i could catch up with my Norway Fishing Report. By around four o clock the wind had dropped, the water had flattened off and it was time for us to head out, the plan was to stay fairly close to the cabin and to stay mobile and try to find some small shoals of fish to help us complete this Norway Fishing Report.

Now as its late, I’ll keep this Norway Fishing Report quite short and sweet, I suppose we started the first drift around five o clock and were into some small Codling and Coalfish, nothing massive but some good sport, I probably had the biggest fish of the day right on last knockings… a nice Coalie which probably went into mid doubles.

Tomorrow the plan is to try for some Halibut! We’ll be armed with lots of colourful shads and some fresh dead baits, fingers crossed we get a couple… If we do you’ll all be the first to hear about it!

Tight Lines, Cheers Paul

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  1. Desy Montgomery

    Hi there me and the m8 were thinkn of headn over to sandbakken in April next yr and knowing u have been there could u ring me and give me some pointers of the hole trip,, 07851114098,, cheers

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