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Fishing Report Norway

Day 4 Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway after chatting with a few of the local guides the evening before it was agreed it may be a better plan to start fishing slightly later. As the fishing had been so hardcore the day before it gave everyone a little longer to rest and would also enable us to fish right up until dusk. So the plan was hatched and we all met down by the dock at around 11.00, out on the water by 11.15, and straight into fish by 11.40 for this amazing Fishing Report Norway!

We had a few nice fish, but with the conditions deteriorating, an increasing wind and driving sleet/snow the fishing became very difficult! Albert Lennox who had joined our boat for the day had the best fish with a cod of nearly 28lb. After a couple of hours fighting a losing battle against the weather we headed back to shore and to the comfort of the cabin. After a decent lunch of cheese on toast and a chance to warm up away from the snow and wind, everyone started to relax and even tried to get a bit of shut eye but i sat up writing this Fishing Report Norway.

After two hours at around 4.30 we were greeted with a knock on the door…It was Ulfe, one of the Norwegian guides, he said ‘do you want to go fishing’… Silly question really! He said that the weather had eased a little and that one of the boats was enjoying some fantastic fishing just 7 minutes from the harbour, with fish to 64lb landed! Within a few minutes all the thermals were back on and we found ourselves in the dry room, along with all the other anglers suiting and booting up, it was a hive of activity ready to fill this Fishing Report Norway with Cod!

By around 5.00 we had reached the first mark and our boat was straight into fish, whether its because the the weather was rougher than the previous day, but all the fish seemed to be right on the bottom in about 60m of water. Albert had another fantastic session, breaking his PB twice, after landing a fish of 31lb, we all joked with him saying the next one will be bigger… and right we were! With the luck of the Irish on his side, he boated a cracking fish of 19.5kg, which worked out to be just over 42lb smashing his previous PB which had been caught minutes earlier by over 10lb!

For this Fishing Report Norway the fish came thick and fast, and for two and a half hours we caught well, landing many fish over 20lb and a couple more over 30lb, including one for me which I thought was a monster, which took me nearly 20 minutes to bring up, only to find the so called ‘monster’ was hooked side… gutted! After a excellent spell of action once again it was time to head for the harbour as the wind turned once more as squalls of sleet, snow and hail battered us all the way in. Once back in the harbour we unloaded the boat and sorted the tackle, as the other boats arrived home, they had landed a few fish too, the best of these being a fantastic 45lb specimen for Des.

Back at the cabin, in the warm, we had a couple of vodka’s and more cheese on toast! And celebrated another great day on the water. I think tomorrow is going to be too rough to fish, but there’s a chance we might be able to fish tomorrow afternoon so we will see… fingers crossed and see you all in the next instalment of our Fishing Report Norway!

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Until next time, tight lines



  1. Peter

    Cracking results glad that everyone is catching some monsters. Keep them coming boys

  2. Lisa

    Glad you’ve caught a big one Dad. Hope your happy.Nice to see my bruv is doing the cooking!

  3. Des

    Thanks Lisa, Mark’s just had a 64lber! Has mum worked out how to work this yet! Cheers Dad.

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