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Norway Fishing Report

Norwegian Adventure Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway and we left Tromso at around half nine, ready for our long journey to Soroya, the second destination we have to research on our Nordic sea fishing adventure! Soroya is an island situated in the very north of the country, and seeing as our only mode of transport is car and ferry we knew it was going to be very long day! This isn’t the normal transfer for this destination, it’s only as we had to drive from Tromso. Normally groups will be picked up from Alta, which is only around one and a half hours away.

The roads, and traffic, as I have said before is like no where else, it’s so easy to get around! For example we travelled today on the same road for over 80 miles, with no round about, turnings or traffic lights, the number of cars we saw could be counted on just one hand!

After many miles, three ferry crossing’s and constant stunning scenery along the way we arrived on the island of Soroya at around half five. We were greeted by the very friendly lodge owner, and the two resident guides, Eddie & Ulfe!

We were quickly shown round the accommodation, before being taken to the bar, to talk more about the resort and fishing. As we watched the boats dock at the port, we were told to go and take a look, and see what they had caught. We were amazed to see some huge Cod to 27kg! Plus many more over 20kg! It really was a crazy sight and got us thinking about our fishing tomorrow which will appear in the next part of our Fishing Report Norway.

After we had picked ourselves up from the floor at the sight of the huge cod we were shown round the boats and taken to the briefing room, where we studied the sea charts and talked further about tackle and plans of attack for tomorrow!

We then retired to the cracking bar/restaurant on site for a couple of pints and a cracking meal. (Wild swine, pig/boar! In a pepper corn sauce, with salad and potatoes, was amazing!) Again, another way to end a very tiring day. Off fishing tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be pretty rough, but am sure we can find some fish somewhere, fingers crossed! We will be praying to the fishing gods tonight!

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Cheers Paul


  1. The Boss

    Hope you guys can get in to some of those big cod if the weather is kind to you. have a good one and look forward to the report. Regards Peter

  2. Rocky Ellis

    And we though we had it tough?? wow

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