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Day Seven From The Sandbakken Sea Fishing Lodge In Norway

Day 7 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Well it was the last days fishing today in our Norway Fishing Report, and overall for the third day running it was a good day had by all. Once again we were able to fish real close to the camp and get amongst a few more of the hard fighting Coalfish.

It was a similar start time to the previous couple of Norway Fishing Report, with everyone up and about by nine and ready to start the morning session about half ten, once again we had the birds and dolphins to thank, as they helped us locate the fish. We found a few fish on the first couple of drifts, but as the sun rose to its highest they disappeared, so we decided to head back and grab some lunch, pack our bags and then head back out around four o clock.

When we arrived back at the lodge a few of the other boats had just returned too, with all of them fairing pretty much the same, there was one highlight though as one boat had managed to snare a nice Halibut about 20lb. Unfortunately the pictures were deleted from the camera so we haven’t got any snaps to show you, but it was a cracking little fish, taken on a Savage Cutbait Puffin Shad in 8m of water and is a great end to this Norway Fishing Report.

By four o clock we filled the boats for the final time and headed out for the last few hours fishing as we all had to be back at the camp by eight to sort the fuel bill and clean the boats. In the three or so hours we fished we enjoyed some great sport, as the Coalfish put on another excellent, last day display!!! Fishing colourful light shads we landed probably, on our boat alone, around a dozen fish over 10lb with the biggest of them falling to Colin with a stunning fish of 26lb. Now I know the last three days have probably sounded simlar, and without wanting to sound like a broken record! The Coalfish fishing has been that explosive, that’s its been hard not to try and fish for them, especially when they are such a great sporting fish and make a great Norway Fishing Report.

I’ve never known them in this destination to be so plentiful and of such a good average size, it has been more likely you would hook a 20lb+ fish as opposed to a fish under 10lb! These fish are just another exmple of the fine fishing that Norway has to offer, I think this week we have landed eight different species of fish between the 18 of us, with many of them being of a good size!

Anyway, we had to leave the good fishing behind and head back to the camp, as I said we had to clean the boats, re-fuel them, square up our petrol bills, pack and give the cabin a quick once over. As I sit here writing this now, all that’s been done, we’ve just enjoyed a cracking meal of Chicken and Chips and are doing some serious chilling before our journey home tomorrow… with a small vodka of course! 😉

We’re getting picked up at nine in the morning and its nearly midnight, so I better crack on! Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the Norway Fishing Report, hopefully you’ll remember to follow us next time, and if you want to go one better and join us then check out all our Norway tours on our website…

Tight Lines, Cheers Paul

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