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Fishing Report Norway

Day 7 Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway well I don’t think I got to bed much before 1.00 last night, with all the Fishing Report Norway and social media work to do, but as I said the plan was to fish early, come home and rest and then finish late. When I say earlier, it was early, the alarm went off at 3.30 and we all managed to drag ourselves out of bed and head back out on to the water in search of the monster Cod.

Fishing Report Norway Day 7 We were out on the water at first light, and it was absolutely perfect the sea had calmed right off, the sun was slowly rising behind the mountains and all manner of birds were enjoying the dawn. We fished with Ulfe, who’s the head guide at the camp, it gave Paul a chance to rest and with only three in the boat it gave us a chance to take some nice action pictures for our Fishing Report Norway, it also gave us the chance to use Ulfe’s expert knowledge. The plan was simple, head way offshore to some nice marks that had been plotted before and try for some real big fish, all in three to four hours of fishing… it was going to be a real smash and grab.

As we reached the first drift some pockets of fish appeared on the sounder, these little groups were yellow in colour and were in the mid water area, in around 30m. Ulfe explained that the yellow colours on the finder indicated big fish, red was medium size and blue was small.

Within a few minutes of our Fishing Report Norway all three of us were into fish, with two mid doubles and a twenty pound fish coming aboard, this continued for the next half an hour before Paul managed to connect with something larger, although we didn’t weigh if Ulfe estimated it around 18kg so nearly 40lb. Next drop down and it was Ulfe’s turn for a big one, as he connected with a real pig of a Cod! This weighed in at 23.5kg so just over the 50lb mark! As I continued to pull in the smaller fish, the two of them, both Paul and Ulfe landed another good fish each, again these were not weighed and were returned to the water after a quick picture, but both fish were over 40lb. Ulfe noticed that the fish mid water had sunk closer to the bottom, perhaps this coincided with the sun rising higher in the sky? I don’t know, but he said we should head in and rest before the afternoon session, so that’s what we decided to do. But just before we did, right on the last drift I finally managed to snare one of the better fish, still not the 40lb+ fish I’m looking for, but a very nice 30lb+ fish.

Anyway I’m going to try and rest now, before we head out again this afternoon.

Tight Lines… Paul

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  1. Betts

    Love the action shots…and the scenery- it looks stunning, if a bit colder than over here! Good luck with your afternoon session 🙂

  2. Reuben

    Your fish was massive Chris! Hope you are having fun. Love Reuben (first web comment aged 5)

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