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Norway Fishing Report

Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway well here’s a quick Fishing Report Norway of the afternoon session… I’m going to keep it reasonably short and sweet, as I’m well and truly knackered! Its’s nine thirty and we’ve literally just got in and started to cook tea!

Fishing Report Norway Day 7. We met at the harbour at three and were out on the water by around quarter past, with the sea flattening right out and the sun shining conditions were absolutely perfect and we were able to get right out to the best fishing grounds! Two boats headed to around the same spot and instantly the fish finders were alive with fish.

On the first few drops of this Fishing Report Norway the fish instantly took a liking to our shads and everyone was into fish… and this was the same story for the next five or so hours. Now as I said I was going to keep it short and sweet I’ll let you know some figures…

Two boats, three anglers on each landed 14 fish over 40lb and 1 over 50lb, with an estimated 40 fish over 30lb and many many fish over 20lb. It really was some absolutely crazy fishing…….

Last day of our Fishing Report Norway tomorrow so we’ll see if we can top that… However I think tomorrow may be called off due to the weather, but we shall see!

Until then, tight lines…

Cheers Paul

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