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Two cracking Coalfish from Norway

Day 6 Sandabkken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and its the penultimate days fishing today and what a great day it’s been! Again we had a nice leisurely start, after a couple of cracking bacon sarnies we were out ready for the first drift about eleven. We were deciding where to fish when suddenly our mind was made up, as a few hundred yards away from the cabin the birds were working and the dolphins were surrounding the bait fish which told us where to start our Norway Fishing Report. Moving the boat into the middle of the action we started fishing, ignoring the standard silver pirks and big colourful shads, we opted for small shads mounted on lead heads, casting the shads away from the boat and letting them sink through the water, before slowly retrieving them. Now this is a great way to fish, as you can use light tackle, and to me it seems more like ‘fishing’ than the standard pirking technique.

It didn’t take long to get amongst the fish in the Norway Fishing Report with all the boats in the area hooking up to some nice Coalfish and Cod, the Coalfish provided the real entertainment, putting up unbelievable fighting displays on relatively light tackle! With fish to around twenty pound it was a fantastic few hours fishing! It was probably around one o clock when the action started to slow, so we decided, as we were so close to the lodge, to head back get a few hours rest, cook some food and write a little bit of our Norway Fishing Report.

Before we knew it, it was five o clock and we were back on the water, fuelled up with homemade bacon cheese burgers, we were all ready to do battle with some more hard fighting Coalfish. Once again it didn’t take long to find some fish, and once again we had the birds and dolphins to thank for this Norway Fishing Report! They had the baitfish shoaled in a similar area to the morning session and like before they were more than willing to take our little shads. Now the fishing was explosive! On the four rods we had on our boat, on two separate occasions we had quadruple hook ups, with many double and treble hook ups along the way, on some of the other boats they even manged two fish on at once! All the fish landed were of an excellent stamp, with nearly all of them being above double figures, with some nice twenty pound plus fish mixed in. The biggest landed, weighed in at a monsterous 32lb 6oz and was landed by Peter Kettringham, and it really was a stunning fish! Now these Coalfish are amazing fish, I don’t know what everyone else thinks, who has landed them before, but to me, pound for pound they must be one of the hardest fighting sea fish! All of them hammer the shad, stripping metres and metres of line on the first run, you know they give there all, as we had to ‘swim’ nearly all the fish before we released them as seen in previous Norway Fishing Report.

By around half eight the drift had slowed and along with it went the fishing, we were still picking up the odd fish, but it was quite apparent we’d had the best of the action for today. After such a great day everyone headed back to the cabins for some good food and a drink, I also think most rested there aching muscles in the Sauna too. As we all sit around chatting, the plan has been hatched to try a similar thing tomorrow, as it’s the last fishing day we hope for some more fireworks from the mighty Coalfish!!!

Anyway time for me to get some rest, so will report back tomorrow.

Cheers Paul

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