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Fishing Report Norway

Day 6 Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway Day six on the island of Soroya and the fourth days fishing, and again the plan was to start fishing around midday meaning we wouldn’t all be burnt out by tea time, and the very productive last few hours of daylight giving me a chance to carry on with my Fishing Report Norway.

We were out on the water by around 12.30 and had planned to fish a fair way offshore, but after motoring for around ten minutes away from the sheltered waters of the shore we realized this might not be the best plan. Chief guide Ulfe came over the radio and told everyone to head into the Fjord as the weather didn’t look good enough, and after all its better to be safe than sorry as with all our Fishing Report Norway.

We fished well into the fjord and started to find a few fish, once again they were in smaller groups than the fish we had been catching in the open sea, they were also slightly smaller in average size. We still did however manage some nice fish, with myself landing one around 25lb and Mike landing one about a similar size. We carried on fishing for another half hour, setting up a really nice drift down one side of a local boats longline, this produced some excellent sport, with guide Paul landing a stunning brace of fish in as many casts, with two specimens over 40lb! The weather was easing now, and once again the calls came over the radio that it would be safe to venture further offshore, so this is what we done in this Fishing Report Norway.

Once again we fished a similar mark to the previous two days and once again it produced fish! Nothing monsterous like the previous Fishing Report Norway day but I think in the three hours we fished until dusk we boated 5 fish over 30lb, with Albert Lennox landing the biggest, which topped the scales at a very very respectable 39lb.

As all the boats arrived home at the harbour I think the general consensus was it had been a hard day, well a hard day for Soroya’s standard!

As we sit here in the lodge writing this Fishing Report Norway, after a cracking spaghetti Bolognese (top marks to Mark the chef!) we just been chatting and I think we have hatched a cunning plan for tomorrow… Up fishing early in the morning, at around 4.00 fishing till lunchtime, in for a few hours rest and then back out to fish through till around 9.00 in the evening… Well that’s the plan anyway! Fingers crossed it pays off…

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Cheers Paul


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