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Huge Norwegian Cod

Day 3 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report well today was the second days fishing in our Norway Fishing Report and as I said yesterday the plan was to get up nice and early and head out for some Halibut, now the first part of the plan worked… the getting up early part! The Halibut side failed, as we didn’t manage to land any… however there was one magic moment in the boat, when fishing in around 6m of water I witnessed a Halibut nail my shad. It swam round and engulfed the shad, before quickly spitting it back out, only too sit 6 inches away from the shad whilst I was still jigging it!!! It then nibbled it again before finally (third time lucky!) it nailed it and the fight commenced, however the fight was short lived, I reckon I had the fish on for around a few minutes before it shed the hooks… Gutted wasn’t the word! However It was nice to experience such a thing and to share in this Norway Fishing Report!

After a good few hours drifting in the shallow sandy bays, we didn’t connect with any more Halibut, so we headed back home around eleven o clock for some lunch and a cuppa and to make some notes for this instalment of the Norway Fishing Report. The other boats had returned too and had managed a mixture of Coalfish and Cod, with some fish up to around 15lb, so overall it hadn’t been a bad morning.

After re-fueling the boats and ourselves, we were back on the water for the evening session for this part of the Norway Fishing Report around fourish, with the aim of landing some more nice Coalfish. Like the previous evenings fishing we managed some nice Coalies, and were even treated a great feeding spectacle, as the Dolphins, birds and Coalfish were attacking bait balls of sardines and herrings just meters below the surface. It was something you’d expect to see on a David Attenborough wildlife programme!

I think everyone was quite warn out by the intense past couple of days so we headed in a little earlier and decided to get some grub on the go! Pie and mash on the agenda tonight, a few vodka’s and some good banter… Just what the doctor ordered!

The plan is another early start in the morning… Hmmm we shall see! Haha!

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Tight Lines

Cheers Paul

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