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Fishing Report Norway

Day 3 Giant Cod Soroya Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway well after two flights, a ferry crossing and many many miles clocked up in taxi’s and coaches we were finally here, waking up and looking out to a flat calm see and bright sunshine all the traveling seemed a distant memory.

Fishing Report Norway after a hearty fishermens breakfast bap (Sausage, bacon and a good bit of Tommy K) we were down by the boats at eight o clock and on the water by 8.15. The boats were split up, and the group divided by the three of them, each with there own guide, it was myself, Mike and Sportquest Holidays very own guide Paul Stevens in one, with guide Ulfe, Albert, John and Mick in another and finally Mark, Desmond and Stewart with guide Matt. The weather was absolutely perfect, which isn’t always the case, as the island is so far up north and ‘stuck out on its own’ the weather can sometimes be harsh and days fishing can often be missed. But the weather gods were kind to us, and we were all hoping the fishing gods would be too and reason on in this Fishing Report Norway to find out!

The first shad of this Fishing Report Norway entered the water around 9.00, fishing a mark about a mile or so offshore, the fish finder showed lots of fish, with big shoals appearing on the finder and within a few minutes all the boats were landing Cod to around 15lb, a nice start to the day and an easy introduction for everyone. In this period Mike landed the biggest fish, a nice fish around 22lb. After around an hour of hauling low to mid doubles talk on the radio was a few bigger fish had been showing further inland, to a fjord just to the east of the harbour, so off we headed! The fish there were in smaller groups and were less sparse than the big shoals we had experienced further offshore, however they proved to be of a better stamp, and within an hour in our boat we had landed three fish over 30lb, with Mike landing one of 31lb, Paul with one of 36lb and myself with one of 32lb. Three cheers, and three big smiles for our Fishing Report Norway!

The fishing slowed a little and after a bite to eat the plan was to head back offshore and see if we could get amongst some bigger shoals of better fish, now this happened, and it’s hard to write down in words exactly how explosive and exciting the fishing was… So its best to just note down the figures! We had 1 fish over 50lb (Paul the guide!), with it weighing in at 54lb, 2 fish over 40lb and the number of fish between 30-40lb… well lets just say we lost count! A couple of highlights included…obviously Paul’s big one! It was such an experience to see a fish of that size in the flesh! And two new Pb’s one for Mike and one for me, mine weighing in at 34lb. Well chuffed to be able to let you know in this Fishing Report Norway!

The word on the water was that everyone had enjoyed some great fishing, with local guide Matt’s boat, with Mark, Des and also taking large numbers of fish between 20-40lb, with Mark landing a stunning brace of 44lb and one agonizingly close to 50lb, with one of 49lb 10oz. On guide Ulfe’s boat, Albert landed a new PB of 28lb 12oz, and Mick and John also enjoyed some great fishing.

We could still be fishing now, but with the fishing so extreme we called it a day around 4.30, and headed back in shore for well deserved cuppa and some good food and to write this Fishing Report Norway.

Now… we brought some special Steak with us, a celebratory slab of meat for that dream fish/cazy session… well guess what we’re eating tonight!

Anyway glad I’m caught up with the Fishing Report Norway now, its time for a something a little stronger than tea, and a chance to discuss and relive our first experiences on the island of the big fish… Soroya 2012… and it’s only the first day!

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Until next time, tight lines

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  1. Lolly

    Looks amazing! I may have to add this trip to my wish list now. Happy fishing lads.

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