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Day 2 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report well today was the first days fishing on our Norway Fishing Report group trip at the Sandbakken Lodge and what a day it’s been! The weather has been absolutely fantastic and the fishings not been bad either!

As I said in the previous Norway Fishing Report I think everyone struggled to sleep last night, it happens, you arrive at the lodge with the last 20 minutes of daylight left, looking at a flat calm fjord which is crammed full of fish… I think every angler would understand!

We were up and about around seven on Day 1 of our Norway Fishing Report, with the smell of bacon butties and coffee on the go and the promise of some good fishing it didn’t take a lot of encouragement to leave the compfy warm bed, even considering we had probably only managed around four hours sleep! After sorting the boats we headed out to start fishing around 9.30, by then the sun was high in the sky and shining brightly, the birds and porpoises were feeding on baitfish close to the lodge, so what better place to start our Norway Fishing Report! After literally a five minute steam we started the first drift, fishing in around 40m of water (out of a hundred) our boat some of the other boats were straight into Coalfish, nothing huge but fish into double figures provided some great sport. However this action only lasted around an hour, as the bright sunshine and crystal clear water ment the baitfish, and in turn the predatory Coalfish, moved down to the depths and away from our pirks and Shads. We all decided a move was in order, so we headed out to some different fishing grounds to search for some Cod and Halibut for this Norway Fishing Report.

By around midday we were at our new spot and after a couple of drifts we found some fish, with most boats taking some small Cod and some decent sized Wolfish. Only one boat managed a Halibut, and this was Peter Kettringhams boat, with the lucky angler being Colin Slapp. The Halibut wasn’t massive, but was a welcome site all the same, falling to a drift ledgered deadbait, the fish came home for the pot as it was quite badly hooked. (We hoping it might prove to be dinner one night this week!) The action was reasonably slow, once again with crystal clear water, bright sunshine and high pressue against us, I don’t think there’s many fishing situations when these conditions are ideal! We headed back to the lodge for a cuppa and some lunch, with the plan being to head back out after tea and try get in on some more Coalfish action in the last few hours before darkness.

For once the plan worked to almost perfection as all the rods on our boat landed some nice Coalies, to around high teens, perhaps the biggest nudging near twenty pounds. We enjoyed some good sport for a couple of hours before the temptation of a hot shower, sauna and warm meal became too great. With the first days fishing done, we chatted back at the lodge and agreed it had been a good way to start the week, with the conditions hard I think we had done well to bag a few of the hard fighting Coalfish, even though the Cod didn’t really come out to play, the excellent fighting properties of the Coalies make them a fantastic substitute.

Fingers crossed tomorrow we should get into a few more fish, with the plan to start early, have a break in the quiet hours around middy to mid afternoon, then head back out and fish into dusk. I think with the weather reported to be good we will head a fairway into the fjord to a favorite mark where we’ve landed some nice Halibut before… Fingers crossed they are there and willing to feed tomorrow for this Norway Fishing Report!

Now an early start is great… but its now 12.30 and the plan is to rise at 4.00, now everyone else is tucked up in bed, but I’m still up writing the Norway Fishing Report, powered by Vodka and coke, cheap Norwegian chocolate and duty free lucky strikes… somehow I think I’ve got the raw end of the deal! However I wouldn’t change it for the world…

Tight Lines, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Cheers Paul

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  1. Cod Coddington

    Colls, did you see the other trip has gone to Florida?! Why can;t you get in on some of that action and drop me off at Disney World!!! Hope the Cod’s come out tomorrow, i’ll have a word, see what i can do…one of my good friends is half cod, think you know him…

  2. bertie

    Great photos again…its good to keep up with what you are up to. Looking forward to reading more

  3. Carma Poppo

    Major thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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