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Jacana Shooting Lodge report

Ducks & Mixed Bag Jacana Lodge Report

Ducks & Mixed Bag Jacana Lodge Report Duck hunting season at Jacana Lodge is now over. After two and a half months in the field we’ve seen a great variety of ducks. Big flocks of rossys have been spotted and relatively high water levels and good weather continue to prevail.

Around the end of May the rain gods delivered, creating puddles and spreading the ducks around. Yellow-billed pintails and numerous teals, as well as big smiles and hot barrels greeted those early sessions!

June was not a huge month for rossys. Instead, pintails were the main draw over decoys and robo ducks. Teal, on the other hand, thanks to sunny, windy afternoons provided a good challenge when decoying for this fast turning bird. Typically, we use modified chokes for far shooting scenarios, but I.C. or C. chokes happened to be the best choice for these kinds of close and long range shooting. Don’t forget we shoot deadly lead. When it hits, it kills.

This past month, weather conditions have returned to seasonal norms… for the most part. Ducks are evident everywhere and we’ve been finding good numbers of rossys, providing fast and furious shooting in the early morning hours.

Overall, we’re a having a great year. And minus some slow morning and afternoon sessions, our hunters are averaging three American limits per blind and blasting through more than six boxes per day. That means massive volume and unforgettable duck hunting at Jacana Lodge.

Hope to see you next season!

Jacana Lodge Manager

Ducks & Mixed Bag Jacana Lodge Report of the stunning lounge
Ducks in flight for this Ducks & Mixed Bag Jacana Lodge Report
Two very happy guys Ducks & Mixed Bag Jacana Lodge Report

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