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Norway Fishing Report

Summer Fishing Report Norway Lofoten

Fishing Report Norway the 8th of May this year we started the camp on Nappstraumen/Lofoten for the summer season. Now we have 7 boats instead of 5 and one extra Arronet 23 ft in case something happens and we need one extra. After some week of Skrei fishing which appeared in a previous Fishing Report Norway there was a couple of weeks without guests here but in the beginning of May we were back in business. We started to fish for both cod and halibut in May on pretty deep water and was really successful.

A lot of nice cods up to 19 kg were caught and reported in our Fishing Report Norway with several big halibuts with the four biggest ones on 175 cm (approximately 75 kg),160 cm (60 kg), 152 cm ( 50 kg) and the last one approximately 150 cm caught on jigs 5-6 NM from the camp. We also came in contact with some smaller halibut up to 15-20 kg closer to the camp, just outside Nappstraumen on the north side.

We managed to spot some Killer Whales just a couple of hundred meters from the camp and had 7 big killer whales in the bay where the camp is for two days which you may of seen the images in our last Fishing Report Norway. That is an experience over the limits! Amazing animals!

After a good start to our Fishing Report Norway we got some really nice weather, temperatures on 20 degrees + and sunny for three week and calm wind from the south. This pushed a lot of baitfish such as small coalfish and herring closer to the shore and the halibut followed these shoals of fish. We started to get them on shallow water, all the way in on 5-6 meter of depth. During this period with nice weather we also found some really big coalfish out on the deeper areas (6-12 NM from the camp on the North side) and caught a lot of coalfish over 10 kg with a big amount of fish between 12-14,1 kg with the biggest one as a new camp record.

The big cods were out underneath the shoals of coalfish and a couple of cods over 20 kg was caught and many fish over 15 kg. Some guests also tried to fish for Plaice and had some great fishing with a new camp record on 2,4 kg, several fish over 2 kg and we lost count on how many over 1,5 kg. The fishing was awesome!

The last couple of week we have had some wind from the north and a lot of rain, which lowered the temperature in the water and made the fish a little bit less active. The guests last week were really successful with a coalfish rigged with two hooks and fished behind an “Halibut Anti Twist Rig” and landed three halibuts over 140 cm inside Nappstraumen and a lot of fish between 115-130 cm in the nearby areas. They experienced a fabulous fishing for Plaice as well and caught several fish over 1,5 kg with the biggest one on 2020 g.

This week so far we have landed coalfish up to 12 kg, cod on 18 kg and halibut up to 130 cm and we hope for some better weather now and wind from the south!

Thanks to our Head Guide for this great Fishing Report Norway and be sure to keep checking our blog page for further updates of this brand new exciting destination. If you would like to talk to us about this camp or any others we do in Norway please call us on 01603 407596 or simply Click Here to view this destination

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