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Argentina Shooting Report

Duck Season Report High Water Argentina

Duck Season Report High Water Argentina Weeks before the season started we were already predicting some great shooting. Prime water levels and a variety of returning birds are always great indicators. In addition, we’d also fine-tuned a great program. Our decoys and roboducks were ready, were primed for action, and pre-season scouting was complete.

Now that duck season is on, it’s apparent that water won’t be an issue for the next several months—an extremely wet summer has kept most of the ponds full of water. And many of our bucket blinds were submerged in late April. Fortunately, water levels are dropping and the majority of buckets are now clean and dry and awaiting our guests. We’re also using boats more often due to the depth of the ponds, which allow us to cover long distances when needed.

Despite some humid and wet weather, the good news is that temperatures are dropping and more ducks are streaming in. There is no predominant species so far, but we’re shooting more rosys than usual for this time of the year. The arrival of cold fronts from the south marks the beginning of winter and the height of the rosy migration.

This year we’ll concentrate on hunting closer to the lodge—which means great shooting, with shorter drives to the fields. We hope to see you enjoy a season full of memories that will last a lifetime!

I you have never experienced this shooting you must check this out now.

Last Available spots
Jun 1-6 (2 guns)
Jun 6-9 (6 guns)
Jun 30 Jul 4 (4 guns)
July 15-19 (4 guns)
Aug 1-5 (private lodge with 6 guns)

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  1. Mathew Rickard

    The season has come and gone here but if you’ve still got that desire to go shooting then why not check out some of these amazing destinations which cater for all.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Mathew, the duck shooting is insane, we limit each gun to either 250 or 275 shells per person pr day and you can shoot your limit easy just on the morning flight. Thats more shells than most shoot in a season in the UK

  2. Mathew Rickard

    Thats some crazy shooting, This place is definitely on the cards at some point.

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