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Canada Fishing Report

Carp Season Ends In Canada Fishing Report

Canada Fishing Report It’s hard to believe that yet another year of carp fishing at it’s wildest has come and went so quickly. We have to say it’s certainly been one that was full of new and repeat anglers and highlighted with amazing catches and good times throughout!

The 2014 Canada Fishing Report season had its share of abnormal weather patterns, with a late spring that seemed to set the precedent for the entire season. Even as we write this blog in early November we are enjoying the warmest late fall season we can recall, which means the carp are still in active feeding mode, the only problem is that with a fishing season that runs from May to mid October we are now the only ones around to enjoy it! That being said there was no shortage of anglers who experienced the very best that the mighty river had to offer throughout the season.

On a massive body of water like the St. Lawrence River that is on average 3 miles wide and an incredible 745 miles long being in the right spot at the right time is absolutely key. Paul, your host and guide ensures that each angler is in the best possible location on the river each day. Paul’s abilities and knowledge are thanks to years of his relentless pursuit of the rivers carp patterns and his unmatched 20 years of experience fishing the river.

We are perfectly suited to accommodate a variety of guests, from single anglers to large groups as well as couples and families. Below are three typical bookings showing the range of guests we have enjoyed accommodating along with the catches they have experienced during our 2014 season.

Couples: Karen & Ray a lovely couple out with us on a third visit experienced yet another action packed week. They encountered numerous double takes, providing them with the sort of action they were after and had back to back takes along with double takes all week long which is something the river is known for! Karen had lady luck on her side, landing most of the larger carp in the upper thirty range. They both enjoyed numerous 30 lb plus wild commons and commented again and again on the screaming takes and powerful fights that these carp provide! Canada Fishing Report

Two Anglers: Neil & Geoff also repeat guests out for a fortnight on their tenth holiday with us, encountered non stop action from dawn to dusk. Geoff and Neil know the river well and always push they’re own limits from the first session to the last day on the river. This holiday proved to be no exception to the rule, with the team once again experiencing the mighty rivers’ ability to provide take after powerful take. The team had over 270 runs of which they landed 250 carp with most of the carp weighing in over the 20 lb mark and frequently landing in the 30 to 35lb plus range.

Single Anglers: Steve travels all over the world to various fishing destinations and particularly enjoys the experiences he has had with us over his past 10 holidays. He knows that although he is a single angler that once here he will be part of the group as well as knowing that he will have the choice of fishing on his own or being teamed up with one of the other single anglers on the week if he wishes. Steve has the opportunity to come out at anytime during our season and normally books the early, mid summer and late fall periods in order to experience the varying fishing methods each month offers. Steve’s overall best catch was 51 carp in a 12 hour session and he has enjoyed numerous other sessions with catch rates of 35 or more carp per day.

We would like to thank all our new and repeat anglers for another great year! If you would like to experience authentic wild carp fishing set in a picturesque Canadian landscape along with all inclusive, top notch accommodations and expert guidance then this is a carp fishing destination for you. Hope to see you in 2015! Canada Fishing Report 

Bookings for 2015 have already started and they are filling up very fast so if you are interested call us on 01603 407596 and we could be sending you out to this stunning part of the World to experience it for yourselves

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