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Father & Son Visit Argentina Report

Father & Son Visit Argentina Report We have just been emailed this lovely report from a father and son who had visited our Shooting lodges in Argentina and had a great time

I visited Jacana and Los Crestones on this trip, and frankly, if there are better duck hunts anywhere on the globe, I hope you’ll tell me about them. My son traveled with me, so we hunted together each day, and we shot plenty of ducks. The weather was actually too marvelous for duck hunting, but we managed to get our birds anyway, and Charlie and his magnificent staff were flawless at Jacana.

Sebastian leads the team at Los Crestones, and it was equally as impressive. Great, great, duck hunting, with good spreads of decoys, dogs, and great calling by Ariel and Mauro. Sebastian runs the show with quiet authority, and Claudio the facilities manager is perhaps the best service provider I have ever encountered. He is waiter, wine steward, watchdog, and host all in one. Good guy.

In addition to shooting good numbers of ducks, my son and I managed to shoot all 13 species that are found at Jacana. I have shot all of them previously at one time or another, but I have never kept track before. It was cool to see that by day three we had killed a dozen different ducks, and needed only the White-cheeked pintail to get them all. So guess what floated over the decoys on our final morning? About three different pairs of pintails, and we shot several.

The guns were excellent at both lodges and Los Crestones had a new Benelli Vinci on the rack. My son snatched it up on the first morning. Despite the fact that it looks like it came out of the broom closet on the Starship Enterprise, it was hard not to have respect for that gun. My son shot it like a champ.

If you hunt ducks, and you have not hunted with them in Argentina yet, it is hard to tell you exactly what you are missing. There are more ducks living in the roadside ditches around Jacana than in most great duck areas in the UK It is just that impressive.

Thanks for organizing such a great trip for both my son and I and we will be back next year and we both will highly recommend to all our shooting buddies

Kind Regards

Thank you for your kind words and we all look forward to helping you again next year. If you would like to talk to us about these lodges please call us on 01603 407596

A perfect hide for shooting Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
ready aim fir Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
hunters standing in reeds Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
ducks in flight Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
the stunning lodge Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
Father & Son Visit Argentina Report the long area of the lodge
A stunning bedroom Father & Son Visit Argentina Report
the gunroom Father & Son Visit Argentina Report

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