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Norway Fishing Report

Arrival At Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and we Start off where we ended yesterday… we never made it too bed, and yes we got the Shad rods out! Fishing at first light we managed around half an hour chucking shads in to the cold clear water but unfortunately to no avail!

It wasn’t long though before the whole group were up and ready to get out there and do some proper fishing from the boats. After a quick chat and a the plan was formed! The morning was glorious and the fjord was like a sheet of glass, starting off in some shallow bays and channels around a road bridge we fished for an hour or so, but the fish weren’t playing ball.

Moving into some slightly deeper water we managed to eventually find some fish, nothing massive but a steady stream of small Codling, Coalfish and Haddock kept all rods busy.

After exploring a few more area’s we headed in around two o clock, to grab a bite to eat and stock up on supplies and perhaps even grab an hours kip! Just as I started to drift off to sleep in the chair, I was quickly awoken by the word Halibut! One of the other boats had just arrived back from the mornings fishing and had landed a couple of real specimens! Wandering down to see them, we were greeted by the site of a nice Halibut which weighed in a touch over 50lb & a Cod weighing in at just over 27lb! A right result, well done lads! This only hightend our enthusiasm, and within a few minutes, fully loaded with some cracking Bacon & Sausage sandwiches! (Compliments to the chef!!!) We were back on the water by half four.

By now the weather had turned, and a grey drizzly mist filled the air, the water was no longer like a sheet of glass, but scruffy white horses could be seen all across the bay. Not to be put off we stuck with the original plan and headed way out west to some old area’s we had fished the previous year, in the hope of connecting with something bigger. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but again we enjoyed some excellent sport, with more Cod, Haddock and Ling (Torsk..?!) making an appearance. All caught on light pirking set up’s in 40-60 metres of water it was all good fun!

We arrived back just as darkness fell, rustled up a quick meal, made the most out of our cabins Sauna and headed off to bed! Well most of us did! I am still here writing the blog, but rest assured I will be very soon! Even though I am still a young spring chicken! forty eight hours without sleep is plenty long enough!

Until tomorrow Paul


  1. Peter C

    Glad to see you boys catching some fish, we are now at the airport about to fly from bangkok to krabi for more sun….. Enjoy the cold boys and enjoy the fishing regards Peter

  2. John Rawl

    Nice reports Chris will be interesting to see how you get on over the next to weeks

  3. Jack small

    Nice report always wanted to fish Norway, can you let me have more info on the equipment and methods. Thanks Jack

  4. Bass Boy

    How long can you fish each day please

  5. Mrs Jackson

    Hello can you help me please I have a 14 yr and 16 yr old sons who would love to fish in Norway, they are both very keen anglers, any advice on how i can make thier dreams come true. Thank you for any help

  6. Graham

    And you boys get paid to do this stuff???? I need to change jobs lol

  7. Chris Administrator

    Hi Jack, if you look through our website you should find more information, If not when I get back I will call you and we can chat through different methods etc.

  8. Chris Administrator

    Hi Bass Boy, at this time of year you can fish from 5 in the morning till 9 at night. But in a month you will be able to fish 24 hours a day, as it doesnt get dark. There are no limits! As the boats are self drive, you fish as much or as little as you want!

  9. Chris Administrator

    Hi Mrs Jackson, we might be able to help, the best thing to do is for you to give us a call when we get back. Our guide is available all year round, so he should be able to assist you on your trip!

  10. Chris Administrator

    Haha Hi Graham! Yeah we are very lucky boys! Someone’s got to do it…! 😉

  11. Jack In Saudi

    Thats some fine looking fishing there Tom! Send some of the ice this way!

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