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Norway Fishing Report

Stormy Soroya Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and this morning we awoke with great anticipation, as what we had seen the night before on the dock, was fresh in the memory. As we wandered down to the boats to meet the guide, the weather didn’t look good, a strong south westerly was blowing (according to the guides it’s the worst wind on the island as it comes straight from the sea). However we were given the green light and we could at least get some fishing in, even though it was going to be close to the shore of this Norway Fishing Report

The ride out to the first mark was pretty bumpy to say the least, but we got out there fine and started the first drift. The style of fishing was different from what we were used to, as the way to fish here is with Shads, fished just off the bottom, or in midwater.

Within 5 minutes I was into a fish, one around 10lb, the guide Eddie then landed one around the same size. Next drop and I was in again, a fish slightly bigger this time, around the 12lb mark. When I went to unhook the fish it was absolutely stuffed full of bait fish, as I slipped it back it spat out 2-4 sardines. The guide said it’s very common, when you’re on a shoal of these feeding fish, that randomly around the boat dead bait fish will just float to the surface. The cod gorge themselves that much, that they literally spew these fish out!

Paul was in next, with a fish weighing in as a mid double. By this time the guide was getting increasingly concerned with the state of the sea, as the weather was quickly deteriorating. He advised us that we should head in, after all we had no choice, and he knows this place better than anyone!

The ride back to shore was even bumpier! As we took many large waves, the boats are very stable though and we never felt in any danger. We were disappointed that we couldn’t fish for longer, but I suppose that’s just fishing! At least it gave us a chance to check out the cabins and do some more filming.

Speaking with the guides, they said it’s not unusual to lose one day week fishing because of the weather, so hopefully we’ve had ours today, and we’ll be able to carry on tomorrow!

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Tight Lines Chris.



  1. The Boss

    Hi guys, thats the only issue with sea fishing, some days you are just beaten by the weather. nevermind at least you got to wet a line. Hope you guys get to go out today. Tight lines and catch some big ones

  2. Paul Clement

    Great blogs, good to see someone take the care to show us what the fishing is like over in Norway. Would love to know more when you guys get back about tackle and rigs

  3. John Howe

    Hi the pictures look like that place has cracking lodge, bar complete set up. the boat also look mega. can you let us have more pictures of the inside and also of the boats, equipment etc. Must say some of the best looking boats I have seen

  4. Rocky Ellis

    Looks just the job I have informed the boss that I want to go there next year she said that I can if she can go to st lucia.??? all the best rocky and get some fish for us to see tight lines

  5. Chris Administrator

    Paul,thanks for the kind comments! Glad you are enjoying the blogs! No problem at all, just give us a call. We should be back in the office after the 21st (I think!) We’ll be able to chat with you, i even have soe rig diagrams i can email you. Cheers

  6. Chris Administrator

    Hi John, thanks for the comments! It is a nice feature at Soroya to have the bar on site. The boats really are excellent! Will try and sort you some more information and pictures out about them! Cheers.

  7. Chris Administrator

    Hahaha! Good stuff Rocky, would be good to fish with you again next year, really hope you can make the trip! St Lucia is a small price to pay for a weeks fishing in Norway!!!! 😉

  8. craig clayton

    Hi,fished there last year August fof 10days.The fishing is the best i have ever had,the best fish 71,56,54,46,44lb cod and halibut to 180.tight lines from Brightlingsea.

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