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Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 3 2017

Another week down at Kau Tapen Lodge as we continue onward with (mostly) good conditions and excellent results. Water temperatures have been perfect and we had light winds during the first few days. Even better, the river held plenty of fish and our guests were able to take advantage. Unfortunately, the wind shifted from west to north and picked up some muscle, resulting in a three-day period of tough fishing and some off-colored water. But our brave guests persevered, and fishing began to pick up again near the tail-end of their trip.

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

There was no magic bullet and all fish this week were caught using a variety of techniques: upstream nymphs, leeches, green machines… you name it. All sizes and shapes were used at different depths, dictated by the characteristics of each run. Experimentation was key.

Hans landed our biggest fish in Lucy’s pool on Beat 9. He started there in the morning and was greeted by huge push of fresh, finicky fish. After much thought and discussion over fly selection, Hans and his guide settled on a small blue-and-black conehead pattern. Sure enough, halfway down the pool, he hooked a monster. After a 15-minute battle they beached, photographed, and safely released the 23-pound fish. Trond, Hans’ fishing partner, followed that up with a beautiful 17-pounder in Lucy’s pool just before lunch. An excellent morning for both fishermen!

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

I had the pleasure of fishing with Alan on his birthday, who managed to catch a brilliant 15-pounder on a copper-colored Sunray Shadow. It was a present he won’t soon forget. Off the water, life in camp was a blast and everyone made full use of Kau Tapen’s amazing facilities. The Jacuzzi got plenty of use by this lovely group of people. Everyone left with a smile and we hope to see them again next year.

Looking ahead, water levels are steady and the wind has twisted back to the west—which is a good sign. Hopefully we can continue to catch high numbers next week. There’s certainly no shortage of fish in the river.

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

Water temp: 10 degrees C., average

Biggest fish: 23 pounds, by Hans

Number of Fish over 10 pounds: 45

Average weight of fish: 9.8 pounds

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