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Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 4 2017

Week four was made memorable by another awesome bunch of anglers at the lodge. Guests varied from experienced to first timers. Six members of the team caught their first ever sea-run brown trout and a couple caught their first ever fish! Weather was good: very little wind and good cloud cover all week. Fish we’re caught during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings—there was no obvious ‘best time to fish’.

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

Max caught the fish of the week, a bright 21-pounder from Fernados. It was caught on a small nymph in shallow water. We had fun running after it down the pool. After a half-dozen huge jumps it began to tire and we managed to get the beautiful hen in the shallows and into the net. Congrats, Max!

Hubert and Jean, our father and son duo, also had a session of note. They landed four fish on Wednesday afternoon: 18lbs, 17lbs, 17lbs, and 13lbs… an amazing four hours worth of fishing.

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

The weather forecast is for some rain next week, which would be fantastic. The river is still low but full of fish. We’re looking forward to getting another week started.

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge

Many years I’ve guided on the Rio Grande and many good-sized fish have given me many beautiful memories. But this week fishing with Jeremy was extra special.

Jeremy lives with Parkinson’s disease. He moves slowly into the river, but covers every inch of water. My first morning with him was fantastic, not only because in an hour we landed three fish between 14 and 16 pounds, but also because I learned an important life lesson. The small moments I experienced with Jeremy became more than about just catching fish. And in fact, the fish were just an excuse to share time on the water with a great person.

The results for the week were:

Water Temp: 13 C

Biggest fish: 21lbs Max

Number of Fish over 10lbs: 37

Average weight of fish: 9.7 lbs

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