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Sea Trout fishing & fly fishing for sea trout argentina

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Villa maria report Hello to all our followers of the blogs which are kindly given to us from our many guides around the World. This to me is the place to head to if you want your self a large Brown Trout or Sea Trout, the guides at Villa Maria are so experienced in this field and no matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will defiantly feel like these guides have a lot to offer. I am sure you will return with some new experiences and many stories that you can share with the rest of your family and friends

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Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the short report our Head Guide has sent us for you to read

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Peter Collingsworth

Villa Maria Lodge – Fishing Report

Villa maria report and A Happy Couple With A Huge Sea Trout Caught with Sportquest Holidays Lodge Villa Maria

Good fishing continues at Villa Maria, with anglers experiencing steady action through late January. The week started with typical Rio Grande weather: windy, some sun, and intermittent clouds. On day 4, winds switched to the south, delivering heavy snow in the Andes.

The Sea Trout Just Get Bigger for Sportquest Holidays customers In Argentina
Check This Sea Trout Out Caught from Villa Maria Lodge Travelling With Sportquest Holidays

The river rose about 8 inches and it got cold. Although the water stayed mostly clear, we had to periodically check our flies for algae that washed in from the banks.

Stunning Fishing Holiday, Expert Guides All Taking Care For You With Sportquest Holidays
Partner Fishing Holidays, Perfect For Couples, Luxury Lodge in Argentina Booked With Sportquest Holidays
 The best flies of the week were nymphs. Both with and without legs. Of course, we still swung leeches in the evenings, but little rubber legs consistently caught sea-runs in poor light conditions. Fast sinking tips produced best, especially after the river spiked and the water got cold.
What An Impressive Sea Trout Caught In Argentina On A Sportquest Holidays Fishing Holiday
Great Picture Sent To Sportquest Holidays Sea Trout Fishing In Argentina
The Worlds Best Guides In Argentina Sea Trout Fishing Holidays Villa maria report

Biggest fish of the week: 25 pounds, with several 20-pounders and 19 weighing more than 15 pounds.

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