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a big sea trout released back to the water with sportquest holidays fly fishing in argentina

Fly Fishing Argentina Villa Maria Fishing Report

Fly Fishing Argentina Villa Maria Fishing Report and this week we had 5 guests from Switzerland, all repeaters, and 1 guest from Germany, who was experiencing the Rio Grande for the first time.

The fishing was difficult this week. The river rose about 20 inches in one day and became very colored! It was in such poor condition that we could not fish for 3 days. This said, when the river eventually dropped towards the end of the week we had some good fishing and caught 37 fish in 3 days. There are a lot of fish in the river and there is a run of fresh fish coming into the river due to the full moon and high tide.

The wind was very variable, predominantly upstream, which in our experience tends to put the fish down. Apart from that, it is very difficult to cast with the upstream wind always in your face!

Luckily now the river is high but in good shape, and still coming down and clearing up. This week looks very promising!

Almost all of the fish we are catching are incredibly fresh.

River Conditions: The river was very high and muddy during the week. It started to come down and clear up on Tuesday, and was “fishable” on Wednesday and Thursday. Now the river is still a bit high, but much clearer and still dropping.

Fishing Techniques and flies: As the river was very high and murky, we used heavy and extra fast sinking shooting heads and Skagit lines with type 8 or T14 tips. We fished mostly with leeches in black, purple and chartreuse.


We caught 37 fish and hooked 54 during the week

Average fish per rod: 2.1 p/rod p/day

Biggest fish: 22 pounds

The average weight is 8.9 pounds

We caught 5 fish over 15 lbs and 2 fish over 20 lbs during the week

Biggest fish of the week was caught by Klaus Schuster from Germany.

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