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Fishing Report Norway

Everything Is Ready Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report I know it only seems five minutes ago that we brought you the last Norway Fishing Report of the season from our lodges in Norway, but already the lodge owners, fishing guides and mechanics are already thinking about the new 2012 season…

Our guide reports that last week the mechanics met up with the engine suppliers Honda and checked everything through ready for the up and coming season, he also explains that they now have a new/extra Arronet boat in the destinations at Soroya and Havoysund, meaning that if anything ever goes wrong you’ll never miss a days fishing!

Its not just all work though, as this weekend all our fishing guides met up with one of the big Norweigian tackle suppliers and chatted about up and coming products, new releases and there current sponsorship deals, whilst also enjoying a few pints of, as they call it Danish liquid ‘gold’ by the looks of the drinks in the pictures, I’m pretty sure to me and you thats Carlsberg!

They said of one new product which looks interesting to test next year and thats a brand new Shad called ‘Big Bob’ a whopping new 500g 30cm shad. If you look carefully you can see it on the table in the pictures below, its certainly a big one! It should be perfect for the big migratory Cod (skreifisket) that inhabit the waters of Soroya in the early months of the year, we’ll have to see if we can get our hands on some ready for our group trip in March!

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