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Fly Fishing Arapaima

Hat trick Of Arapaima On The Fly In Thailand

Fly Fishing Arapaima and we simply love hearing live reports from our anglers who are enjoying their fishing holidays. Now Phil, pictured below, has been showing every one how it is done and with his targets already smashed its time to relax and enjoy more of his holiday.

Phil came to us a while ago and said he would love to visit Thailand on a fishing holiday but noticed that all lakes seem to be lure or bait fishing….. how wrong was he. After many different options thrown at Phil we had come up with what looked to be a fantastic trip all aimed at the budding fly angler.

The trips we put together in Thailand can be made to suit any of your needs, one day you could be sitting there with rods on alarms waiting for Redtail catfish then the next you could be bent in to a huge Arapaima on a light fly rod, it is simply down to you what you want to do. You name it we can do it.

Our personal guide has been looking after Phil each day taking him to many different lakes to target his chosen species and by the looks of it; he has done a grand job. Read below for our guides report of the trip so far Fly Fishing Arapaima

A visiting fly fisherman from the UK by the name of Phil, who had booked a week fishing with us through SPORTQUEST HOLIDAYS, has done particularly well for himself these very past days with a string of lovely catches on the fly.  Starting first by landing on Aug 2nd, three species of carp, including the cautious and elusive Siamese giant carp (catlocarpio siamensis) and Catla carp (catla catla), two species that certainly less than 20 fly anglers on the planet can brag they have ever caught Fly Fishing Arapaima


Thailand_Flyfishing_Arapaima_Redtail__0001 Thailand_Flyfishing_Arapaima_Redtail__0002

Also the highlight of his trip came yesterday Aug 05th when Phil had a hat trick of Arapaima (arapaima gigas) aka Pirarucu catches, estimated being respectively in the 55 kg, 70 kg, and 80 kg marks.


Wow what can we say….. well done Phil and a massive thanks to Jean-Francoise for making his dreams come true. So if you have ever been put off by the so called Sit and wait lakes then worry no more, we can cater for all anglers and will try and make your dreams come true. If you would like a chat with me about what we can offer you in Thailand then simply call me on 01603 407596 and that life time trip might be closer than you think, Fly Fishing Arapaima.

Until next time, Tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Peter Spice

    Great fishing and a great report, what superb fish, goes to show almost anything can be caught of the fly when they are on it.

  2. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    To True Peter, i bet that big Arapaima led him a right merry dance i know how hard they are on a big rod and reel

    I am looking forward to seeing what you get on the fly in India

    1. Peter Spice

      I’m really excited to be going back to India and having the time to explore the river with my fly rod. A big Masheer on the fly would be a massive challenge as they always run hard and deep but landing a 30 or 40 would be the fish of a lifetime. Watch this space!!!

      1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

        I am sure you will keep us and everyones else posted on your catches best of luck

      2. Paul Stevens Sportquest

        Hi Jason, as far as i am aware he is just a very keen fly angler. The guides we use simply are some of the best and will help you along the way.

        Have you ever thought about catching fish like these?



  3. Alan Morrison

    Brilliant fish. I’ve fished with Francois many times (I’m one of those 20 anglers !) and can vouch for the fishing to be had. Still got to tick the “Arapiama on fly” box though.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Alan well done on being one of the twenty. I agree Francois is an awesome guide and will put you on fish time after time

      No time like the present to tick that off your list!!



  4. Jason McArdle

    An inspiring article. Less than 20 in the planet? Amazing effort. Surely this Phil from the UK must be a professional fly angler?

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