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Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?


Last year we were contacted by Alec to help him organise a trip for him and his 7 sea fishing buddies to Havoysund the home to some of the best Halibut fishing in North Norway.


From start to finish, this whole group was a real pleasure to deal with and everything went very smoothly for both them and us. With the date of departure finally here and the last Pre-trip calls done to ensure they did not have any last minute questions it was time for them to depart to the mecca of Halibut spots.

“Is Havoysund the best Halibut destination in Norway?”

Whilst they were over at Havoysund I kept in touch with our guides to make sure the guys trip was going well and all I got told was they were leading the way with both Cod and Halibut for the week.


Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

The crew preparing dinner

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

View back at the cabins in Havoysund

Alec sent us some stunning images for us to share with you guys and hopefully you will soon realise they had one of those amazing trips that will leave them with great memories.


Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Top quality boats 

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Take a pose!!

After they returned home, we always like to follow up people’s trips with a welcome home call just to make sure everything went to how they expected it. Well, what can I say apart from Alec sounded over the moon with his trip. Commenting on how well organised everything was from start to finish and then we spoke about the fishing.

“Everything was very well organised from start to finish”

By the tone of his voice you could clearly hear he was very excited and satisfied with their results especially mentioning about a 3 hour battle one of his buddies had with a huge Halibut (Pictures below) and by the looks of it, it was hard going and something I don’t think any of them were expecting.


Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

The first initial run from a very large Halibut

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

A couple of hours in to the fight of his life

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Starting to feel the burn now

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Every body came over to look at the huge Halibut landed

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

There he is with his prize, congratulations on a huge Halibut

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

A feeling that every angler must know

We spoke about how good the Cod fishing was and for them to get the fish they caught in summer, they must have been very pleased with the results.


Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Fine summer Cod fishing

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

These 20LBers were like mackerel fishing

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Catching Cod in such warm weather feels wrong

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Now thats a summer Cod

Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Double hook ups were common

All in all, it sounded like all the guys had a great time and I would just like to thank them for choosing to use Sportquest Holidays and hopefully we will be able to help you in the future.


Havoysund Best Halibut Destination Norway?

Saving the best to last


If you would like to know more about Havoysund, simply call me on 01603 407596. I travel to this destination every year and have done for several years now so I know it very well.

We are taking bookings for 2017 and dates are becoming very tight so if there are some dates that you would like to travel then call us or alternatively Click Here to view the tour details and dates available.

Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Ben denyer

    Hi Paul, I was in Alec’s group on the other boat and would just like to say thankyou for the advice and helping us all have a great trip. I managed a couple of good halibut to 140cm and endless cod,plaice, haddock to good sizes. A very well run camp, clean and friendly and just this week we have booked again for the week starting the 20th June 2017. Looking forward to returning to such a beautiful part of the world to hook some more beauty’s.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Ben, so glad you all had such a great time. It is my favourite place in Norway. The whole set up is organised so well and the guides make such an effort to help where they can.

      I bet you are already counting down the days and well done on your Halibut, thats a great size to catch

      I am off there next Tuesday 🙂

      All the best


  2. Doug London

    Hi Paul
    I have just seen the photo’s that were taken at Havoysund, and am really looking forward to going there next summer.
    By the look of the size of the Halibut I shall have to get some heavier B.S line as they are a bigger than the one that I caught at Sandbakken this year.
    Doug London

  3. Ian Napier

    Hi Paul,
    Well what can i say Havoysund (26/7/16) did not let us down, we actually had 30 Halibut in total not bad for 2 anglers. They ranged from small ones, which we caught on the Plaice gear to the largest at approx 1.8m. Havoysund is a fantastic Halibut fishery, but its also a great area for some good Plaice fishing, we had Plaice to 5 and a half pound, but as a bonus while fishing for Plaice you catch small Halibut, and do they flight on light gear, well worth a try. The camp was great, a truly well run professional outfit, from the boats, to the guides, they are just great. If you are reading this thinking about looking at a possible Norway trip (or anywhere else) then look no further, don’t even bother looking at any other holiday companies. From the outset Sportsquest where fantastic, all the way through from booking to the trip and to finally getting home, they looked after you all the way, a truly professional business. I will be booking another trip to Norway (or further afield) in the future with Sportsquest, but where to next is the question, I think camp A is on the agenda or possible GT fishing somewhere. So Paul a really big thanks to you and the team for looking after us and i look forward to fishing with Sportsquest again.

    Tight Lines
    Ian- Wimborne, Dorset

  4. Joel Pasley

    It was a good week Ian, we were there the same week as you! The small one s on spinning rods are fun, you are correct.

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