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Norway Fishing Report

Havoysund Group 2012 Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway once the flights and travelling was over we pulled up to the camp and waiting there for us was my friend and head guide Ulfe. Now this guy knows everything about Halibut fishing he has researched everything about them and written so many Fishing Report Norway. To me he is one of the best guides I know. I could go on about the sizes of his personal bests but it’s the fact that he strongly promotes Catch & Release that makes him stand out from the run of the mill guides and you will see this later in the Fishing Report Norway.

After I had shown the guys to their rooms and everybody was settled in and unpacked it was time for the briefing of safety at sea and what to do in an emergency. They also run through on how to handle the Halibut for catch & release. Now this briefing is very important for all guests, experienced or novices it is the difference between a very well run and camp and one where you would just get dropped off and left to it.

After the briefing, I invited the guys to my room for a quick chat about how to set up their rods for different species so we would be ready to rock and roll first thing in the morning. (we may have had a few vodkas as well) which made writing this Fishing Report Norway a bit tricky

Fishing Report Norway Day 1

With the weather looking really good we all decided to head off to an area called North Cape which is around 1hr boat ride and is very well known for its Halibut. Once there and the mark found I quickly ran through on how to fish for the Halibut, (the fishing technique for halibut requires a relatively light hand and once down to the bottom you must not be to aggressive with your action as the Halibut is, for its size, a very gently feeder and can mouth your shad with out you even feeling it. Slow movement of the shad is essential and constant contact must be kept so if you do feel a small nibble then this might be your chance!)

With the first few drifts of this Fishing Report Norway done we had no success so we decided to head to a different mark, once there I could see the tell tail signs of Halibut near the bottom on the fish finder. So I instructed everybody to drop their rigs close to the bottom, but I guess the Halibut were not very hungry today as all we had was one follow which came up 10mtrs from the bottom and followed a shad but then decided against taking it. We then made a decision to try for some Cod and Coalfish to get a bend in the rod and Norway didn’t let us down as we found a shoal of Coalfish that seemed to go on for ever with fish ranging from 6lb – 15lb which are great fun on light gear.

Fishing Report Norway Day 2 was going to be spent Cod fishing as there were a couple of guys who had targets for large Cod. After I had made some enquiries in to where there were some cod being caught, off we set. This mark was a lot closer than the previous day and once over the mark I set the boat up for our first drift. All the guys decided that they would change over from shads to Norwegian pirks which is ideal for Cod fishing. First drop down and all I heard was huge laughter coming from the back of the boat and looked to see Paul Quenet bent over the back of the boat struggling with his first Cod. Once he had managed to bring it to the surface we realised then that he had 2 15lb cod on…….. the day flew by with many nice cod landed up to high 20’s. With everybody smiling it was time to head back to camp for a very well deserved shower and meal (and maybe a few more vodkas)

The weather had decided to turn today and start to blow, but it didn’t stop us from going out it just made the travelling a little bit rougher but once fishing it wasn’t too bad. A couple of the guys fancied going for some of the huge Plaice that Havoysund is famous for. The rigs we use for these are very simple, they have 2 hooks which are baited with fresh prawns and a small 3oz lead on the bottom. The area that I took the guys to for the Plaice fishing is only around 20mins from the camp but took a bit longer due to the weather but once there we were really sheltered from a couple of surrounding islands. First drift and John France was the first guy to hook one and boy he wasn’t disappointed, it was around 2kg then all of a sudden everybody was in to Plaice with some real big ones being landed. The biggest of the morning was 2.7kg and to top it off Paul Quenet managed a small Halibut of about 7kg on his Plaice set up…….. Another great big smile followed

Fishing Report Norway Day 3 My alarm went off for the next days fishing and I could hear from the wind outside that it might not be a very good day. With the first days coffee drunk I went to speak to the other guides and the news wasn’t good, the wind was going to get stronger at around lunch time so if we still wanted to go out we were instructed to stay close to the camp. I spoke to all my guys and some of them were happy to stay at the camp and fish round the harbour wall for small Coalfish and Cod and the hardcore guys still wanted to go out in the boat so off we set. We followed the advice of the guides and stayed close to camp, there are some good marks for Halibut close by so that was the plan.

Once at the first mark I set the boat up and the drift was on. It wasn’t long before there was a bent rod with an angler holding on to an angry Halibut, after a short fight our first Halibut of the day was carefully tail roped and lifted aboard. This wasn’t the biggest Halibut I had ever seen but still very welcome. After another 1hr of drifting an announcement came over the radio instructing all boats to return to the camp due to high winds. So I let the guys know and I think deep down they were pleased as it was a tad rough………. The rest of the day was spent fishing around the harbour which is great fun on light gear (you can hire all the gear you need for this type of fishing from the camp)

With all my fingers crossed that the wind would pass, I woke up to find the wind had died off and it was on again. With everybody all full up from the free continental breakfast it was time to try for those Halibut again, (Halibut fishing can be more mentally exhausting than physically exhausting as there maybe some hours go by with out even so much as a sniff then all of a sudden you could be in for the fight of your life so concentration must be kept up at all times)

The first mark I stopped at just felt right and with in 2 minutes of fishing John France was in. After a good scrap with many dives he managed to subdue the Halibut and up she came. John had never had a Halibut before and was over the moon with his first. Once I had the Halibut secured to the boat and cameras ready we lifted her in to the boat for pictures. After the pictures and weighing was done John and I carefully released her back to her watery home and then there were many hand shakes and huge smiles. I pulled the boat back to the same drift and all of a sudden we had another Halibut on, this one I could see was slightly smaller but still a Halibut. This time it was Paul’s turn and after a short fight we had another Halibut by the side of the boat. We took a few pictures and returned it to its home. I have forgotten to mention that

Paul had his 11 year old son with him Jacob. Jacob is one the most polite lads I have ever known, he listened to everything I had told him and on many occasions out fished his dad (sorry Paul had to mention it) he spent the whole time catching as many fish has he could and loved every moment of it. Towards the end of the holiday he didn’t need any assistance he was doing every thing, landing his own fish and unhooking his fish.

Just want to take a moment to thank all the guys that made this a memorable trip, John, Paul, Jacob, Gary, Ken, billy and Woody and look forward to guiding you in the future. Hope everybody had a great time

If you would like a chance to do battle with some of Norway’s largest species then please get in touch and I can get you out on our next trip or just have a chat about what we can offer you. If you would like to view where this blog is from please Click Here

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  1. paul quenet

    i would just like to thank Paul our guide from Angling Direct for making my sons birthday one he will never forget.

    all hear now is when can he go back

    cheers Paul and Peter

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